December 10, 2022

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Dollar Price in Peru: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 See what the exchange rate is today. Economy

The price of the US dollar in Peru started slightly lower this Wednesday, while operators were wary of new announcements by Chinese real estate firm Evergrande and the US Federal Reserve’s next report. (Central Bank)

At 9:24 am, the exchange rate was 0.05% against the dollar at S / 4.108, down 0.05% against the S / 4.110 at the end of Tuesday, according to Bloomberg data.

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The Evergrande unit said it would pay interest on domestic bonds on September 23 after personal negotiations with bondholders.

However, some excitement faded after investors realized that it was not yet clear whether the company would be able to pay the coupon on its foreign dollar bonds, which mature on Thursday.

Another important focus of the day is the announcement of the Federal Reserve following its two-day meeting, which is expected to provide more clues about its future political trajectory, when it will begin to cut its bond purchases and when it will begin to raise interest rates.

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At the local level, the market is skeptical of management’s recent announcements regarding legal action on the mine and a potential demand for a $ 3 billion loan, as in both cases, no further details were given.

In Lima’s parallel market or exchange houses, the transaction rate is S / 4,090 per purchase and S / 4,125 per dollar per sale.

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