December 1, 2022

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Does Vicente Fernandez have Covid-19? Clarifies the health of his son Vicente Jr. “Charro de Huentitán”

Recently, it was clarified that the famous Mexican singer and actor, Vicente Fernandoz, is a carrier of the Govit-19 virus, which was found in Wuhan, China, infecting thousands of people around the world.

In this sense, the information about his health spread, where the famous singer “One Million Springs” is said to be bearing SARS – Cove-2However, his son, Vicente Fernández Jr, has decided to clarify his father’s health. Admitted to hospital.

Mention is one of the news that paralyzed the art union in Mexico Health By Vicente Fernández, one of the most beloved regional Mexican music singers Currently.

Health of Vicente Fernandez

30 days have passed for Vicente Fernández “Car of Henditon” He was hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery on August 5 after a severe fall on his farm.

Relatives of the celebrity released a statement to the El Saro de Hoonditon via the singer’s Instagram profile, in which they pointed out that the celebrity was conscious and that he was still a month after being admitted to hospital. Recovery.

They said you need more Breathing Kinetics, Not only because it has little strength, but also with little movement Nodes.

His son, Vicente Fernández Jr, recently made this particularly clear through his social networks Instagram As mentioned in a famous magazine, his father was not a carrier of Govt-19 Shows They promise the famous “now caught Govind”, which worried thousands of him Followers All over the world.

Continue with the trachea

In this sense, and related to his recent medical condition, The Fernandez family And through the bulletin on this social network the doctors informed that the singer continues to feed through the tube.

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In short, they said that the famous interpreter of “Matalas” continues with the trachea he performed in his early days. Hospital.

Let’s remember that a Tracking There is an opening in the front of the neck, which is made during an emergency procedure and is made into a form Via Breathing For people who can’t breathe on their own, it’s like Singer Mexican.