December 10, 2022

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Does the sulfur dioxide carried by the dust of the Sahara reflect danger?

The concentration of sulfur dioxide (SO2) is not as severe as in the eruption of the Gumbre Viza volcano in La Palma, Spain, which carries dust from the Sahara Desert to the Caribbean, although it does pose some risks to people with respiratory allergies or skin.

There has been a thin dust cloud with SD2 particles from the Sahara Desert since Sunday afternoon, covering Laser Antilles and Puerto Rico, which covered the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the region on Monday. Of Cuba.

“On these Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we may find that some people have eye irritation, skin itching, respiratory distress, especially those with bronchitis, pneumonia or goiter. Any respiratory problem worsens these days as a result of this particular situation,” the expert explained.

He advised those facing medical respiratory conditions to reduce their exposure to the open air until the cloud has passed and to wear masks if they need to go outside.

“The N95 mask can filter out the finest part of BM2.5, which is 2.5 nitron particles and is very scary because it’s the best, capable of entering the trachea, staying in the alveoli and giving breathing difficulty to anyone with a breathing problem.”

Sulfur dioxide makes rain more acidic
This dust cloud from the Sahara combines with some ash from the Cumbria Viza volcano and sulfur dioxide and is drawn into the Caribbean because the wind blows from the east-southeast, and there is no volcano erupting in the Atlantic, which increases the concentration of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere.

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“Rainwater is generally acidic because it has a pH close to 5.5, resulting in high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the middle and upper levels of the troposphere and when it mixes with water it forms carbonic acid molecules. Feels burning. When the concentration of sulfur dioxide is low, the pH is low, which can be irritating to simple skin and those with visual sensitivity. ”

He assured that the underlying causes of this condition are not serious, but tend to increase allergies in people with this type of problem.