September 30, 2022

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Djokovic has acquired an 80% stake in a Danish company that makes treatment against Govit-19

The company, which has a Serbian partner, plans to produce a drug against the corona virus, but not a vaccine

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic Owns 80% of the ownership of the Danish company QuantBioRes, which makes the treatment against it Govit-19The company said Wednesday.

The company’s director Ivan Longarevic said in a digital edition of the newspaper B.D. The company has been officially registered since June 2020 His plan was to develop a drug against the corona virus, but not a vaccine.

“We are ready to design a treatment that will prevent the mechanism of infection between the corona virus and our cells,” Lonkarevic said. B.D..

He will undergo a medical examination in London next summer and plans for treatment to be approved by the relevant health authorities.

According to Loncarevic, through his contacts he was able to attract many investors, including Djokovic and his wife Jelena..

“When I started working with this, I defined the plan, I created a business plan, I explained who was going to participate, what it would cost, and I created an official document sent to different people who thought they might be interested,” he explained.

Djokovic was deported from Australia last Sunday after a US court allowed him to have his visa revoked because he had not been vaccinated a second time.

As a result, the world number one could not defend his title at the Australian Open.

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