December 6, 2022

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Discomfort caused by bicolor while preparing to return to the country


The Honduras national team He faced two inconveniences after his debut with victory against Curaக்கோao In the Congolese Nations League (0-1).

Diego Vasquez’s reaction after his successful debut with Honduras

Fenafuth confirmed that the Catracha delegation, which was preparing to return to the country at noon this Sunday, was continuing in Caribbean lands unable to board the flight to Miami. It was planned to stop there before returning to Sula, San Pedro.

But, there was a problem with the flight departure. First, Miami Airport has been closed since Saturday due to inclement weather. Second, the ‘H’ flight in Curaao was canceled due to mechanical damage.

The federation and the management of the national team have been in constant contact and have been developing the whole process from that moment onwards, including resolving issues such as accommodation, transportation, and safe conduct until a delegation arrives in the country. Etc. with difficulties which mean the distance to the Caribbean nation, ” Fenafut declares.

Is significant Honduras Arrive in the country from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm today. In addition, the team Diego Vasquez Get rest time before tomorrow’s match against him Curaக்கோao At the Olympic Stadium (8:00 pm). The national team will reshape to prepare for Monday morning’s match.

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