November 28, 2022

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Did Atlante de La Volpe buy the referees? This is how Ruggeri blamed Live

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Wherever you go Ricardo Antonio La Wolf “Makes Friends” We put it in quotes because it is a mustache Many opponents In Mexico and his native Argentina, one of them Oscar Rugeri, With whom he had a heated discussion ESPN And up “Referees bought” on Liga MX Came to know.

Atlante de la Wolf Championship, cheated?

Capason did not go from “Wendehumos” to La Wolf And one accused him of that Suspicious arbitral tribunal Can Win the only title of your life At club level in Mexico with Atlante in the 1992-1993 season, They were knocked out by the Riotos in the semifinals when Oscar played for the United States, and they missed the chance to face the Iron Golds in the final.

“What basics do you have if you don’t win anything. Are you talking about referees? You’re already forgotten the title you won with Atlante in Mexico, I remind you of that. They brought in a foreign arbitrator to harm the United States, Three goals that guy canceled for us, ”said Rugeri, who said Bernie Ulloa, a Costa Rican referee, had an impact on the removal of the eagles in his work.

Al America They canceled three goals for us so you should not face us so you will win the final match in your life. Yes, I remember, believe me I did not forget, for the first time in the history of the Mexican Championship they brought in a foreign referee so we should not come to the final against you.

La Wolf in Boca: This is how Rogery insulted him

Taking advantage of the fact that I had it in front of him on the TV set, Capason threw La Wolf in the face The Monument failure Signed with Boca Juniors in 2006, When he could not add a point to defend the title, he gave in to the Estuci டிs de la Plata.

“You are an event You came to Argentina to take the world forward, you lost a championship with Boca in which you had to win a point in three games, The point my even my four-year-old child earned. You should be rewarded for being second, you dared to go out on the Boca Court in a white shirt and red tie, ”said Rugeri, the 1986 world champion.

Riquelme would never have played with me: La Wolf

And complete his controversial arrival ESPN Argentina, Ricardo Antonio promised to be Juan Roman Riquelme Because I would never have been a part of their team “Its properties are useless” For the football he wants to coach for, Baker pointed out “I did not run, he who does not run in football is useless”.

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Something was like that Cuauhtémoc sidelined Blanco from the Mexican national team During the La Wolf era, Antonio Nelson “Sinha” wanted to be a more sacrificial and physical creator than Divo de Depito.