September 30, 2022

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Dicos described the dramatic penalty shootout between Honduras and Costa Rica: “It can’t be, I can’t believe it” – Dice

The Honduras national team Third place against the League of Nations Costa Rica Defeat her in a heart-stopping penalty shootout (7-6) after 90 minutes (2-2).

‘Pupa’ Lopez, best goalkeeper of the League of Nations

Goalkeeper Real Spain, Louis ‘Pupa’ Lopez, Was the best man to cover two pitches for a biker, and lamented their severe defeat on Costa Rican soil.

The first intervention of the caterpillar goalkeeper was in the third series, which was then penalized George Penguch, Which quickly went viral on the networks due to the way he scored.

Finished from the ‘grass’ center and Morera He seemed to stop the shot with his feet, but the circle took a strange effect to get the back of the net dramatically.

” Moreraaaa … it can’t be. I can’t believe it, ” the Costa Rica reporter said. “Football luck weighs in, skill and weight, and this kind of thing weighs. Morera goes inside the ball with his feet. Unfortunate. Honduras is still ahead in the penalty shootout. “We are not lucky,” he said.

In the sixth set the Honduran goalkeeper will once again dress up as a hero Yeltsin Tejeta. “Pupa Lopez was covered, we were at the start, we were a foot above,” Dicos said.

Carlos Bowen’s madness after Honduras’ victory over Dicos

Always Alvarado Was in charge of scoring the winning goal. The defender threw to his left Morera He guessed, but could not stop.

” Honduras won. We weren’t lucky and the good game didn’t come with us, we finished fourth, both games, we both lost on penalties from the penalty spot. Thursday appeared to be an illusion against Mexico, progress, ups and downs … Doubts are back, we are losing again in the grays and penalties, ” they concluded.

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