December 7, 2022

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Dexan Corona virus kills anti-mask campaign international | News

Caleb Wallace is 30 years old and the father of 3 daughters; His wife is pregnant.

Since the deadly virus reached the world, Caleb Walep, 30, has been steadfast in his fight against preventive measures in Texas, USA. After a while he presented symptoms, however, he refused to take the test or go to the hospital; He died a month after being admitted to the intensive care unit.

This case is not the first to see how misinformation about health problems can endanger lives and end it. This is what happened in Walep, who left three women and a child on the road after his death.

In 2020, Texan starred in numerous campaigns and campaigns against the use of masks, the closure of businesses, the scientific evidence related to the virus, and the contagion of the media by the Contex.

His first fight was in San Angelo on July 4, 2020, after which he formed the organization San Angelo Freedom Defenders.

“We are not happy about the current situation in the United States,” he told a news conference. In addition, in April of this year he wrote a letter to the San Angelo School District, urging them to rescind all preventive measures against the corona virus because it was unconstitutional.

On July 26 this year, the anti-mask leader began to show signs of illness and instead of seeking medical help, he self-medicated with vitamin C, zinc tablets and an antiparasitic drug prescribed by Ivermectin, the drug administration. And American Food (FDA).

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On July 30, he had to be admitted to hospital where he had to try to save his life. Since the 8th of this month, Wallace has fainted and is breathing through a ventilator.

The day before he died, his wife, Jessica Wallace, Wrote the news on the Internet. Caleb passed away quietly. He will live forever in our hearts and minds. She reassured her husband that he was “an imperfect man, but he loves his family and his daughters more than anyone.”

In that speech he added: “For those who wished him death, I am sorry that his ideas and opinions hurt them. I prayed that he would come out of this with a new perspective and more appreciation for life. I can not say much because I can not speak for him” (I).