May 20, 2022

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Denovan Torres, in opposition, allowed Mottagua to win the penalty


The classic motocau fight against the marathon drew attention not only for the fight between the two historic clubs, but also for the first scene of Caesar Obondo.

After a very close first half, the goal came crying and there was controversy in the second 45 minutes, where two penalty kicks were awarded.

Paraguayan Roberto Morera was responsible for converting both penalties into goals. Purslane was the first to inquire.

Referee Melvin Madamoros did not notice him, and after complaints from Mottagua players, he called the assistant central referee and fined him.

The joy of the hurricane was short-lived, and then Marlon Ligona equalized the marathon score with Solani Solano using the discarded ball.

The controversy came in the final minutes when the Blues were awarded a second penalty kick after a foul against Marcelo Santos. The discomfort of the Purslane players was so great that goalkeeper Denovan Torres objected to the action, and Morera remained motionless as he executed it.

It was Modagova’s first goal in the era of Caesar Obondo, the eagle’s ruler, after Diego Vasquez left.

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