September 28, 2022

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Demonstrations and awareness were recorded in the United States to reject racism against Asian Americans

People hold signs during a peace rally held by the Asian American Federation in Union Square, New York City

In the aftermath of the shooting in Atlanta last Tuesday, several demonstrations and rallies were held in various parts of the United States to denounce racism against people of Asian descent, in which eight people, including six women belonging to the ethnic group, were killed.

According to local media, Hundreds of people gathered near the Georgia State Capitol in the city, chanting “Stop Hate Against Asians” And American flags

Passing motorists paid homage to their horns in support of the struggle.

In New York, hundreds of other protesters gathered in Times Square and marched from there to Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Another Chinatown, but in this case a scene of a similar struggle in San Francisco (California) on the west coast of the country.

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), actress Sandra O led the demonstration, famous for starring in Grace Anatomy and Killing Eve.

She addressed the crowd to thank the organizers of the protest, who gave the opportunity to speak to people of Asian descent who are of American and Canadian descent and the daughter of South Korean immigrants.

American actress, Sandra O., of South Korean descent
American actress, Sandra O., of South Korean descent

“For many in our community, this is the first time we have been able to voice our fears and anger, and I am truly grateful that everyone is willing to listen.” he said.

Rally participants chanted slogans such as “I am proud to be an Asian” and “I belong here”.

Three Asian massage parlors in Atlanta targeted for shooting Tuesday.

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The first news quickly linked the attack to waves of hate crimes against people of Asian descent, but the suspect later admitted to firing on those companies because he was “accused” of keeping his sex drug active, and “wanted to remove the test”.

Friday, Vice President of the United States, When Kamala Harris visited the Georgian capital, she denounced racism, racism and racism in the country.

“Racism is real in the United States, it has always been. In the United States, xenophobia is real, it has always been. Harris, who is of African American and Asian descent, condemned violence against people of Asian descent, including Joe Biden, who accompanied the president.

(With information from EFE)

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