Dee Cernile – Guitarist For Sven Gali – Dead at 46

Dee Cernile, Sven GaliDee Cernile, 46 year-old guitarist for gold-selling 90s hard rock band Sven Gali, died Feb. 25 after battling lung cancer. On his personal Facebook page there is an announcement that there will be no funeral, but plans are underway for a celebration of his life in April:

"A lot of people have been asking about a funeral or service," the note says. "Dee did not want a funeral. Instead he asked me to plan a Celebration of Life party for him. I will keep you all posted to when that will be. Most likely around April. Thank you for your outpouring of love and support through this most difficult time."
Also on the Facebook page was his last message, where he says that he was writing an album and putting a new band together. "It won't be another Sven Gali record, but it will rock," he wrote. "It has occurred to me that the days of life are a forgetful MISTRESS," Cernile wrote. "In my youth I would dance with her night after night with little thought of her being missed by the likes of ME. Time would be the one missing 'my' robust ways and seemingly endless days. Time would wonder where I am, where I've been and what other forces I've been with. But today I found an envelope addressed, stamped and dated. My the hours fly by…and as wisdom would have it, I discover that my MISTRESS "Time" has been dancing all along. I just didn't see her! So on behalf of my forgetful Mistress, TIME and my forgetful self, Please accept this delayed message to YOU, and consider yourself remembered. D."
Cernile was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and performed at two benefit concerts in August of that year.