May 16, 2022

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Deborah James | “My Body Can’t Continue”: Moving Farewell to British Editor With Terminal Cancer | United Kingdom | Description | EC stories | The world

A podcast host United Kingdom After six years of treatment for bowel cancer he said goodbye to his followers on Instagram.

“My body can no longer bear it,” Deborah James admitted in a moving post on the social network, where she noted. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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Deborah James is the host of the BBC Podcast You, I and Big C (Refers to c for cancer), which deals with the daily lives of those affected by the disease.

He said he had been “heartbroken” for the past six months, but “surrounded by love.”

“News I do not want to write”

James In 2016 he was diagnosed with cancer He has also posted several posts about the treatment to more than 300,000 Instagram followers.

In December, she commented on the past five years since she was diagnosed with cancer: “I am fully aware that I should not be alive to write this today.”

But, in a new Instagram post on Monday, he said he would post “News I do not want to write”.

James said he has already stopped treatment for his cancer and is now focused on avoiding pain and spending time with his “wonderful family”.

“No one knows how long it has been gone, but I can not walk, I sleep most days, and everything I thought was guaranteed is now distant dreams,” he said.

“I know we see all the possibilities, but despite all the innovative cancer treatments in the world, or even a magical new breakthrough, My body can’t keep up“.

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Day by day, gradually

The presenter announced that the Bowelbabe Fund will be created in the name of his Instagram account to fund personalized medical research for cancer patients and to support colon cancer awareness campaigns.

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James started delivering podcasts in 2018 You, I and Big CReceived many accolades For exposing the cancer thing.

Another of the editors, Rachel Plant, died six months after the project began. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago.

In his Instagram post, James said: “For me now, my goal is to go step by step, day by day, and be thankful for every new dawn.”

“My whole family is around me. We’re dancing together, bathing in the sun, laughing (I’m crying !!) whenever possible!”

Before signing with these words, he thanked his followers for “doing their part in my journey”: “No regrets. Enjoy life”.