May 18, 2022

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Debanhi Escobar Case: A taxi driver who left her on the verge of death reveals audio of a young woman and talks to her friends | News Universe Latin America

A local channel’s news program in Montreal interviewed a taxi driver involved in the Debenhi Escobar case – among other things, he said. Always help young people But he could never convince her to take her home because he said it was her erratic behavior.

The film went around the world and caught the driver’s attention, and why he would have left her alone on that road where so many were missing.

The girl’s father went further and said that the taxi driver had touched his daughter inappropriately and that is why he decided to get off.

Following the allegations of sexual harassment, Queller gave an interview with local news program Info7 from Monterrey on Tuesday. He told her version and assured her that he had not touched the young woman and that she had insisted on getting out of there.When he told his friends to come back for her, she decided to get off, saying she was not feeling well.

The young man probably showed the last audio of Debenhi Escobar and WhatsApp conversations with friends who sent the iconic photo as evidence that the young woman had decided to get out of there.

Debonie Escobar Case: Taxi Driver Edition

According to Juan David Cuéllar Info7, on the morning of April 9th ​​he made a trip through the Didi application, in which he took some young women to a party and then took them elsewhere.

They asked his phone to call him back when the party was over. At 4 a.m., friends sent him a message asking him to take them to the villa where he had previously left them, which was already closed. But when you come, They set off in another vehicle, a gray car, and boarded the Dipanhi with itUnder the warning that they are monitoring her via GPS.

Debanhi complained about her friends with tears, Cuéllar says. She said they were “bad friends” because they did not want to take her with them, although it was not clear from the driver where, home or anywhere else. The friends set off in another vehicle that passed by.

According to the taxi driver’s account, shortly after he drove, the young woman stopped the car and asked him if he had the cable to charge his cell phone. So he went to the front seat, which the driver said was unusual.

Then Debenhi told him to stop. “I stop. He tells me to go there, but it’s a mountain. I told him, I can not leave you here, I will leave you where I took you if you want.” But she was not going to go down there and told her to leave at a nearby party.

“As soon as I get to the door of that party, she tells me she’s not there, she’s not going down, she smiles, she looks back, she’s angry, I’m telling her I’ll take her home, I’m constantly insisting, the address my friends have already given me. There was, if that was the address, she said yes, but she did not look at her cell phone much, she looked back and said yes, “explains Kuiler.

“I’m advancing. Before I can reach Loreto Highway, he’s telling me to stop, I’m going to stop, I’m going to vomit or I do not know … I do not think he’s going to do that at any time. I’m going to get off,” he added. After coming out, he decided to take photos of himself and send them to his friend, who told him that he had decided to get out of the Depanhi Escobar taxi.

According to Queller, he did not know exactly what to do and wrote to a colleague about what was happening to him. He decided to wait three minutes there to see if she would get back in the car and regret staying in the place, but “she did not return,” he said.. “All I did was keep going. I already said, I can do nothing.” Announced.

Although the prosecutor’s office did not file a lawsuit, Guyler asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. The charge against the driver at the moment. “I always tried to help her, but that girl … well … she’s not in the five senses,” he said, “she did not put the sentences together, she did not have a brief conversation,” she said.

The last audio of Debenhi Escobar

That taxi driver said in an interview He had recorded the audio of his conversation with Debenhi In it the young woman mentions things she does not know or understand.

According to Queller, he told her he was going to take her home, but she talked to him about other things he did not understand. For example, she told him “a truth” but he did not know what she meant. The driver said he had a copy of the audio and a conversation he had with friends, and that the prosecutor’s office had taken his cell phone with him the first day, but had copied some of the files before. The youth learned about the disappearance. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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In a piece released by Guiller during the interview, a young woman named Debenhi Escobar is asked if her parents deserve “truth”, and then Guiller asks: “What is the truth?”, To which he does not respond and reiterates. “True”.

The driver mentioned that the young woman had said “her parents’ lawyers” and was going to tell them “he took her to a party”, referring to himself, which he said could be so. Mixing up conversations or mistaking him for someone else. “I was with her at the party, but she told me I was working,” the driver argued, insisting he was in a little bad condition.

The Debenhi Escobar case: Messages between the driver and friends

Juan David Guiller was traveling alone with friends in Debonie Escobar. He had the WhatsApp number of someone who had such contact for the collection. There they sent him Escobar’s home address, and told him that the young woman had become “unbearable” and had become violent with them, for which they had sent her alone with him.

Cuéllar claims to have this conversation, along with messages from a friend and his audios, in which he asks them, for example, if the teenager gave them drugs. “No, she only had vodka, but a lot. No one gave her anything,” the friend replied.

“She got off. She didn’t want me to pick her up anymore. She slapped me, so I might have let her get off. I’m telling you to come pick her up because she’s so aggressive,” the driver insisted. He also asked a friend to give the young woman’s mother’s phone number to indicate that her daughter was there.

“Maybe her dad or mom thought I was drunk on her because she didn’t bring the resume (…) but (…) but I wanted to take her, but she wouldn’t let herself.” One of the voice messages to the driver

According to the driver, friend Debenhi Escobar’s never gave him his mother’s number as he requested, and then wrote to him saying he had called his mother, but the woman did not respond.

One of the questions in the case: Why did the driver leave her there?

Newsspace Info 7 presenter Louis Padua once again asked Juan David Guller the big question many ask: why did he leave the woman alone, in the middle of the night, in the middle of the road. Known as the ‘Highway of Death’? Why don’t you call the police?

The taxi driver justified himself by saying, “I always wanted to help her. At that time, something unusual was happening and I was confused and did not know what to do.” He promises to care about the woman, and he later returns to the place, but it is gone.

“After I left the place, I looked for the patrol car, I did not see anything, I went to my house near the place, I tell my wife, I tell her it happened to me. I was surprised. What to do. I went back to that place, But it’s gone and I have never seen a patrol on the road, “he said.

According to the young man, only about 10 minutes passed. He came home, talked to his wife, went to the bathroom, drank some water, and returned to the place where he had left the Debenhi Escobar, but the young woman was not there.

Juan David Guiller assumes that DePanhi’s father, Mario Escobar, has publicly accused him of touching his daughter and that he has had many personal, family and work problems since his name was mentioned. He has been out of work for two weeks, and a processor called DiDi has locked his account.

“I always wanted to take her home. I would always get along well with her. I was going to leave her. If the man knew that there was no problem, I knew he would not say exactly what he was saying. Now, on the contrary, he would have thanked me for trying to help his daughter. Said the driver.

This Tuesday newspaper Millennium It has been reported that there are pictures of driving Stretch indirectly to touch the breasts The Nuevo Laredo Attorney General’s Office of the youth assures that they have searched the car and that there is no crime against the driver.