September 29, 2022

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Death toll rises to 28 in police crackdown on drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro Pavela

Residents react after police removed a body during an operation against drug traffickers in Jagrecinho Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Rio de Janeiro government announced on Friday that the crackdown on drug trafficking in Jagresinho Pavela has finally been resolved. 28 people died, When condemning the actions of agents, including agents.

Thus, as mentioned by the municipal government, three more fatalities were added to this test of hospital deaths. As pointed out Of the 27 deaths, 26 have been recorded in criminal records, G1 collects.

A day after the worst police operation in Rio de Janeiro, some bodies are expected to be transferred to the Medical Law Institute (IML) for examination. Meanwhile, the Brazilian Bar Association’s Human Rights Commission has released a list of 16 people identified.

For its part, The identity of the deceased has not been released by the Civil Police and some relatives of the victims are already trying to free the bodies that went through the IML.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) has given officials five days to proceed after the operation in Pavela, north of the city.

The request has been sent to Governor Claudio Castro, Attorney General Luciano Matos, the Office of the Civil and Military Police, the Court and the Ombudsman.

About the test, Castro said police received a “brutal reaction” from the operation’s targets, “the most horrific (reaction) in recent times”., “Weapons of War Ready to Prevent Government Operations and Avoid Arrests at All Costs” UOL.

In this sense, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Pace has been critical of the state government’s security policy. “On the one hand, people choose to say that beheading is completely normal. On the other hand, there are Supreme Court rulings that prohibit the use of monopoly power in certain parts of the city., Has stated.

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Pace
Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Pace

On the other hand, Rio de Janeiro Civil Police Secretary Alan Turnowski said in a speech at the funeral of the deceased police officer Andre Frias this Friday, “Anyone who knows a little bit about the activities of the kidnapper knows, the culprit, when we enter the community, he escapes.”

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“Yesterday (Thursday) they opened fire to defend their position. They had (…) commands to face and stay. Yesterday the Civil Police showed maturity, professionalism and to show the society that the drug smuggler who invaded the neighborhood is the enemy of the society as a whole, ”he added.

“Arbitrary Execution”

For his part, the judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil, Edson Fachin noted that there were indications that police action may have been “arbitrary executions” this Friday.

Fuchs has sent a letter to Attorney General Augusto Aras warning of possible irregularities during the operation of the Civil Police in Rio de Janeiro, except in exceptional cases, due to the crisis of epidemics, etc. ordered by the Supreme Court.

“The condemned facts seem serious, and in one of the videos, in theory, there are signs of facts that could lead to arbitrary execution”., Foch points out in a letter to Aras.

Fuchsin’s reaction is consistent with some other Brazilian officials, such as the Rio de Janeiro Attorney’s Office and the Brazilian Congress Human Rights Commission, which have announced an investigation into what they described as a “massacre”.

Police operation in Jakarsinho, Rio de Janeiro
Police operation in Jakarsinho, Rio de Janeiro

Human rights groups have echoed witnesses to some of the deaths, claiming that agents opened fire on them when they had already surrendered. Authorities have also questioned whether the agents took the bodies, thus obstructing the expert opinion of the judiciary.

There have been some demonstrations this Friday in various parts of Rio de Janeiro protesting police violence, especially as they condemn its use, indiscriminately against residents of Pavalas.

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Rio de Janeiro’s civil police have charged a criminal group in Jagareshinho Favela, among others, with involvement in kidnapping, kidnapping and murder of minors. His advance in Favela provoked a shootout that killed 28 people. Police defended that all protocols were fulfilled during the operation and described the dead as “robbers”, “criminals” and “murderers”.

Jagrecino is considered to be the base of Commando Vermelho, the most active drug trafficking group in Rio de Janeiro. Favela alleys are crowded and surrounded by barricades set up by criminal gangs, making it difficult for armored vehicles and others to access.

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