May 19, 2022

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Death threats could lead to the death of Hernan Kalindas leaving the University of Chile | Ecuadorian people abroad | Sports

The bad campaign by the University of Chile provoked a hostile atmosphere between the campus, the leadership and the fans. One of the victims in this situation is Argentina-Ecuador goalkeeper Hernான்n Kalindas, who is close to leaving the company due to threats against his integrity and his family.

The university team is in thirteenth place with just 11 points from the same number of dates they have played in the current Chile league. With this, in addition to coach Santiago Escobar and Luis Rogioro of Ecuador, who occupied the sports administration, the expulsion was granted.

“He’s happy in the U because he’s at Chile’s biggest club and attracts fans, but all of these threats have caused him a lot of discomfort,” Rodrigo Abadi says daily. Wednesday From Santiago.

“Hernan is considering leaving for the safety of his wife and children because of threats against his family,” said the 35-year-old footballer’s businessman.

The goalkeeper joined the Chilean team in January this year, at the request of coach Escobar, who kept him a student at Quito Catholic University.

“The threats are not small and should be taken seriously, which is why we are evaluating his departure thinking about the safety of his wife and children,” Abadi said.

The tricolor goalkeeper reported the situation to the club’s team and arranged security for him and his family, however, the newspaper noted that his wife’s “concern would cause him to leave the club. (D)

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