Dear John: Alliance Valentine’s Collection – DVD Review

Dear John

Every year thousands of guys get stuck trying to find out what to do and what to look for in gifts on Valentine’s Day. Alliance Home Video has come up with the perfect solution for the Valentine’s Day jitters with a new collection of five Valentine’s Day releases sold in separate packages: The Notebook, Dear John, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Back-up Plan and Kate and Leopold.

All five films are special in their own way and have been favourites of women, girls, wives and daughters for their stories of love, devotion and their cute lead males. So what’s in these films for guys, other than hugs and kisses? Let’s take a look at them.

Next up is Dear John, the 2010 American romantic drama-war film starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried (who hits theatres again in February in Little Red Riding Hood). It’s an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s novel of the same name and follows the life of a Army Special Forces Sergent John Tyree (Tatum), after he falls in love with Savannah Curtis (Seyfried), a young college woman on spring break.

Even though John planned on leaving the army after his next mission, the September 11 attacks conflict him, and he ultimately chooses to re-enlist. Over the next two years, John and Savannah correspond through letters. Ultimately, Savannah sends John a Dear John letter, informing him that she has become engaged to someone else. John burns her letters and stays in the army for another four years.

This was the best choice for Valentine’s movie in 2010, unless Avatar was your thing. It’s not really a true chick flick and it’s also not a guys film, but it is an intimate and heartfelt story. For the girls there’s hunkorama Tatum and for the guys there’s the new Hollywood hottie Seyfried. It was written by Nicolas Sparks, the same author responsible for The Notebook and Message in a Bottle, so the elements of romance are infused in all the right places. For the romantics, you won’t be holding each other in tight embraces throughout, but it is entertaining and the war scenes are pretty cool.