December 7, 2022

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David Luis dedicated a message after his reappearance to Royal Jimenez

Mexico City /

Return Raul Jimenez It was celebrated after 9 months of inactivity David Lewis, The player who caused the skull fracture when the two went to compete for a ball.

The Brazilian, who is still waiting to find out where he will play this season, posted a message on his Instagram “God Bless You Brother Raul Jimenez”, A noble gesture derived from the shock they experienced.

At the time, the way the defender went in search of the ball was heavily criticized He had a strong connection with RaulHowever, he has always been aware of his health.

“I would like to thank you for all the news Ask everyone to pray for Raul Jimenez. Get well soon brother, ”he wished as his contact was granted in November last year.

Among the wolves they celebrated it

Bruno Locke, Wolverhampton’s technical director, is delighted with Royal’s reappearance and sees details of a great player.

This is very important (retrieving Jimenez), A great player on the roll. What he did here for the Wolves was incredible, what happened, the team missed him. He trains well, he played well, So we are happy for Royal, “the strategist shared.

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