May 16, 2022

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Danny Alves pointed to the star that Barcelona should sign and the message for the Madridists for victory in the Clasico.


Daniel Alves Was interviewed by Catalan newspapers such as Sports Y Game World Leaves a lot of headlines. The Brazilian analyzed an authoritative voice to talk about Barcelona and analyzed the future of the club, pointing to the star they were to sign, and to the right, put names on the table for his position.

Xavi announced that Holland had been signed by Barcelona

Farsa’s future plan

“Today’s football doesn’t give young people time to wait to shoot. From now on the game demands the maximum from you.

Mbappe or Haaland

“I will not throw away the rest for Holland. Honestly, I will not spend much money on it. Yes on Mbappé, but not on Haaland. I’m playing a game director, but I bet on Mbappé first. It seems to me more complete in all respects. If you are going to invest, you should do it best.If it is in my hands, I will bet on Mbappé.

Embape Barca style

“He’s better than Barசாa’s style. At this time, in football, there is no one better than him.

Right pages

“I really like Alexander Arnold from Liverpool and I really like Hakimi with Butts, but I like what he’s doing.

He withdrew from the Europa League

“I have always understood that life is a stage, I know what stage I am at now closer to the end than the beginning. If he did this when I was 25, we might get into a fight … but now that we’re here to help Barசாa, he’s leaving me. I know the decision he made hurt him.

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The madness that Tony Alves makes for Messi to return to Barcelona

What if they win the Europa League?

“Yes, this is the Parsa degree. Although the taste is different, if I had not been in it since I was a Parsa champion, the taste would have been different … but Parsa would have been the champion ”.

Classico and celebration against Real Madrid

“We not only celebrated the victory in Madrid, they said it was a degree for Barசாa. We celebrated the bathroom that hit them, my 400 games and the return of the team. The people of Madrid do not think we are celebrating that we have scored 4, because at other times we took five or six points … It came cheap … the fair thing would have been 0-6.

His visit to the team

“For whatever reason I found myself in a locker room with low self-esteem. You can not function better if you do not trust yourself.”

Will Xavi be the new Cardiola?

“We work very hard. This is the first time I’ve worked like this since I came to Barசாa. We work hard at the physical level, but it is important to keep in mind that football has changed. Cardiola had a lot of good players and we did not have to run up and down. Xavi Barசாa’s Cardiola 3.0 I said ten years ago that it would be.


“You can dance with me for the last time in a year. Why not? There is no better place than this. We can not be better than Bar பார்a. He has gone out and tasted the experience. It’s time to go home if he wants to.”

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