November 28, 2022

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Curaக்கோao is in danger of not playing the Gold Cup due to the Covit-19 explosion

Curaக்கோao Reported to be an explosion Govit-19 Among members of his football team. It occurs a day before the virus outbreak in the national team Gold Cup 2021 They make their debut against El Salvador on Saturday 10 July.

According to the FFK, Curacao today, Friday, will largely depend on the results of the second test to detect Covit-19, in which if 50 percent or more positive members are found, the team will not be able to participate in the Gold Cup.

What the publication says:

Yesterday, Thursday, July 8, 2021, our team performed some tests that revealed that some soldiers and our crew were in favor of the virus, according to the conventional procedures of the Govt. Today our delegation is going to do the last test and if it is found to be 50% or more positive, unfortunately can no longer participate in the 2021 Gold Cup. However, if we continue in the Gold Cup, Curaக்கோao has the option to add more players. The final results of the 2021 Gold Cup will be announced today.“.

Curaக்கோao report on Govt-19 explosion in national football team.

However, the Curaao team is tempted to invite more players. Total The names that Curacao entered in the preliminary gold cup lists are 42, Of which he took only 23.

Time is the biggest enemy for Curacao, with the first match of the series against El Salvador scheduled for this Saturday at 3:00 pm (El Salvador time) at Toyota Stadium.

The face of Curaாao and El Salvador in the Golden Cup will be here

Take a look at the Toyota Stadium, the scene of two matches in El Salvador in the Gold Cup


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