December 7, 2022

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Cuomo bids farewell to New York, accusing judges, politicians and journalists of falling out of favor over harassment allegations | International

New York’s Acting Governor Andrew Cuomo was fired from public life this Monday, according to a report in which he charged state Attorney General Lydia James and charged him with sexual harassment by 11 women who worked with him. With regard to a witch hunt, and with no reference to his political future, the man who sounded like a democratic presidential candidate even in his time ended a decade as governor, firmly betraying his intention to aspire for a fourth time by the surrounding contradictions. The state government has been tasked with managing the corona virus in nursing homes in the state and, above all, moving forward a dozen collaborators with the shock wave of the Meadow movement and condemning the macchi and intimidating climate in Albany.

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Cuomo, he will be replaced Number twoKathy Hochul, the first female governor in the state’s history, has blamed the press for the politicians – especially the most progressive faction of the Democrats – and her fall from grace. For more than a year, Cumo has descended from the pinnacle of fame as the media manager of the epidemic, which became a plague even within his own party. Following the findings of the prosecution, President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi called for his resignation. The resignation, which takes effect on Monday after the governor was ousted on August 10, is blocking an indictment process that has already begun.

It was an unannounced resignation, which never seemed to be proven. Cuomo endured constant criticism for managing the epidemic and being generous in dealing with his collaborators, and as a result, his extensive Italian-American character. First, in January, the resignation of a dozen state epidemiologists became known, as they were dissatisfied with their spontaneity in vaccination programs. The death toll from Govt-19 in nursing homes was found to be significantly lower than the actual number when many inmates were transferred to hospitals, thus avoiding deaths from the official figure. In parallel, the first complaints of sexual harassment became known, with the governor rejecting an apology for misunderstanding women in his physical approach.

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“When the government politicizes the allegations and the headlines denounce them without facts, the justice system is undermined and it does not serve women or men or society,” Cuomo said in a spear-wielding farewell message against his pro-democracy theologians. In Albany, negotiations to build an Amazon headquarters in New York failed, as well as a move to withdraw funds from the police in what is known as the movement. Return to the police, Formed in 2020 as a result of the assassination of African American George Floyd. Amid the rise in armed violence in the state, Cuomo declared a state of emergency in early July to oppose the event.

The son of three-time governor Mario Cuomo, famous for having some flaws, said today when announcing his retirement that he “took full responsibility for his actions.” With anyone. He explained on Monday that prolonging the crisis unleashed by his crisis would only “cause a government freeze” before his term ends at midnight (six in the morning in Spain). A few hours before the deadline, Hochul announced the appointment of two women to the most important independent appointments in his cabinet.

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Poetry Justice or decades of friends and full trust, perhaps a combination of the two, will have Karen Percicily Kiok as Governor-General of Hochsul – the highest office after him – and Elizabeth Fine, as his adviser, after his health mission to “turn the page on the epidemic and reaffirm New York’s interests.” Doing so, they can defeat the corona virus, vaccinate more people or strengthen the economy. ” Both councilors have proven experience in political circles in New York City and Washington, respectively, to help move the state’s storm tool to Hochl. As for his other team members, Hochul gives himself 45 days to decide how many of Guomo’s allies are still in his government.

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