December 7, 2022

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Cubs signing David Robertson - MLB Trade Rumors

Cubs signing David Robertson – MLB Trade Rumors

The Cubs announced the signing of the veteran exemption David Robertson For one year, the league was held. Cody Heuer (who recently underwent Tommy John’s surgery) was put on the 60-day casualty list in Chicago to open up space on the list. Robertson Will Earn $3.5 Million In Guaranteed Money,’s Mark Finsand TweetsRight holders can earn up to $1.5 million more in incentives. 670 The score reported by Bruce Levine earlier today That Robertson and the Cubs were in talks about a potential deal.

Robertson comes to Chicago after throwing 12 runs with the Rays last season, as well as four other playoff tires. It was his first major action in the right-wing league since he threw 6 2/3 runs with Velez in 2019 before he was sidelined by Tommy John’s surgery.

Prior to that surgery, Robertson was basically the image of toughness during his previous 11 seasons as a work horse for the Yankees and White Sox Bullpins. Combining this reliability with impressive results, Robertson scored a 2.93 ERA and 32.4% strike rate in 657 runs during those 11 seasons, serving as a closer quality man and setup man.

That track record led to a two-year free agent deal worth $23 million with the Phillies, although Robertson barely made it to the team due to TJ’s surgery and recovery. Robertson held several shows for teams this past winter but did not receive a new contract, instead taking on the silver medalist Team USA at the last Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Robertson finally got his hands on the Rays, and now has another guaranteed contract with Cubs.

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After three essentially wasted seasons, it’s hard to know what to expect from Robertson as he enters his campaign at the age of 37. A return to his form before 2019 may be upbeat, however there are also plenty of opportunities for Robertson to serve again as a relative for a Chicago-based team. Robertson certainly has the most decisive experience of anyone in the Cubs Bullpen, and is one of the few veterans in general (besides the recently signed one). Chris Martin And add the secondary league Jesse ChavezAmidst a young relief corps.

Certainly some additional signings could be coming soon for the Cubs team who have been aggressive this winter Seiya SuzukiThe five-year deal represents the club’s only real long-term commitment (Marcus Strowman He can withdraw from his three-year contract after the 2023 season. An apparent aversion to long-term contracts could mean the Cubs won’t be bragging about any big deal for the relief bowler, boosting Robertson’s chances of winning a job closer during spring training.