December 1, 2022

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Cuban writer Telia Fiallo dies at 96

(CNN Espasol) – A source close to the writer told CNN that Cuban writer Delia Fiallo died early Tuesday morning. Televisa had earlier announced the death, saying he had spoken to Fiallo’s daughter.

Considered the “mother of Latin American soap operas”, Telia Fillo has written more than 40 radio and television works. Among his original works and later adapted by himself or others were “Crystal”, “Esmeralda”, “La Julianida”, “Maria del Mar” and many more.

Products based on his works have been seen by millions of people around the world.

A legend

His death occurs five days before he turns 97 years old. One of the most prosperous libertarians in Latin America. Calling her the mother of radio or television melodrama is a reasonable explanation of her relevance.

His novels spread across the continent from the United States to Argentina and across countries such as Mexico and Colombia. With her imagination and pen, Telia Fiallo reached millions and millions of homes.

A few years ago he said he dreamed of the possibility of taking many of these stories mentioned above to the cinema.

Cuban writer Delia Fiallo told Camilo Acona in 2018 that she was ashamed because her career was so lonely. Like she said, it was a very lonely job because she was locked in four walls with those fictional characters.

He said his creativity never came out. As Fiallo puts it, “a part of us until death” was “the first thing written about the continuum in prime time throughout Latin America.”

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Telia Fiallo enjoyed her career, which is what she told Camilo in 2018 11:57

His first radio soap opera was written in 1950 and his last soap opera was written in 1985.

Interestingly, what he first wrote for television was not a love and heartbeat story, but an adventure story. At that time the design was uniform, i.e. he wrote the stories of one chapter until he had already written many, and they were asked to create American design, i.e., a novel prime with a sequel to several chapters. The challenge of the day was to keep the public’s interest and attention for a weekly story, not a daily one.

In an interview with Cuban writer Delia Fiallo, who died this Tuesday, writer, journalist and screenwriter Leonardo Patron spoke to Maria Alejandra Requena about her experience.

Experience interviewing Telia Fillo 4:33

His story with Televisa

In 2018, Camilo Egana asked if he regretted selling his rights to Telenovelas to Televisa.

The goddess of soap operas says this about television 1:42

Tele I went to Televisa with many illusions, because in Venice, in Venezuela, all the great successes I had achieved with the most honest, most humble production. Televisa gave me a formidable product. What happened? The main thing failed: the book. By changing everything, the book fails, “he said.

“They paid me the best for my work, but many of them stopped,” he continued.

“Many of them had horrible results, like Cassandra, for example. They did a version. They took novels, gypsies, circuses and gypsies from him. In Mexico that novel did not pass without pain or glory.It was a total failure.

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