November 28, 2022

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Cuban visa applicants to the United States are being warned about scams to “expedite procedures”

The U.S. embassy in Georgetown, Guyana, has warned Cuba of the dangers of approaching visa applicants again and trying to expedite process appointments.

In an earlier report, the embassy explained that it understood the status of flights to Guyana, but asked Cuban visa applicants If you are unable to book a flight on time, reschedule your appointments.

“If you can’t get a flight to Guyana for your visa appointment, please wait until you reschedule your original appointment date at no extra charge,” they noted.

This time they have drawn the attention of people waiting to carry out their procedures for travel to the United States, as well as the dangers of accepting offers to carry out those procedures.

“We understand the financial and logistical difficulties that Cuban citizens face when applying for an immigration visa to the United States in Georgetown, Guyana,” they pointed out. Facebook.

“Please do not be victimized by a claimant third party Speed ​​up your visa procedures For a fee. To properly apply for Immigrant Visas, see our FAQ page:“They added.

In addition, those in this situation were asked to “inform in advance of their appointment of any concessions they may receive from third parties. [email protected]”.

Cuba Family Reunification Parole Scheme (CFRP): pending visas

Last April, Congressman Mario Diaz-Ballard announced that the “Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program (CFRP) would provide bipartisan legislation to address the drag on self-discovery.”

The idea was based on the fact that Cuban applicants could conduct interviews at the Guantanamo Bay naval base so they did not have to leave the island.

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At a press conference, Cuban-born politician Maria Elvira Salazar spoke about this “22 thousand cases for family reunification are pending and 100 thousand visa cases”.

A few days later, from the newspaper Granma It was pointed out that the proposal could not be seen as a “solution to the problems created by US governments.”

The text left only a “reasonable solution” to the conflict affecting thousands of Cuban families: “End the siege and re-establish the visa processing service at the US embassy.”


In addition, he argued that the U.S. administration should comply with the “quota established by immigration agreements signed by both countries.”

The U.S. Embassy in Guyana has confirmed that “we are evaluating when conditions will allow us to resume a wide range of diplomatic services.”

Meanwhile, Cubans in both countries continue to wait to meet.

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