December 7, 2022

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Cuban jug explains why he decided to stay in Miami – Telemundo Miami (51)

A third member of the Cuban team stayed in Miami and competed in baseball before the Olympics.

He is Lazaro Blanco, a 35-year-old senior pitcher born in the eastern province of Granma.

A few hours before boarding the plane, Blanco escaped from the delegation. Pitcher has signed a contract with the Mexican league, Saraferos de Saltillo.

Pascual Castro, who represents several Cuban players playing Mexican ball, confirmed the player’s escape.

The player did not appear at the airport to board his flight, and he informed the delegation that he would not return to Cuba or play in the Mexican League.

Blanco said he was happy to be in Miami and that it would be nice if he could play baseball, otherwise he would do anything. He also promised that he feels good in the city.

The Cuban pitcher has already played in the Canaan League, where he has had good results. He has also auditioned for the World Classic, Caribbean Series, Central American and Caribbean Games and Pan American Games.

“I thank God for being here. It’s a decision to play in any league. .

Ready to start a new life, Blanco says: “Criticism comes and ideas come. But they have to respect the decisions that every human being makes.”

Blanco became the third member of the team to leave the delegation. He was preceded in death by second paceman Caesar Prieto and team psychologist Jorge Fikurova. The 33-year-old Fikirova did not show the plane on Thursday and is not currently counted. Caesar Prieto left the team the same day he arrived in South Florida.

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“Life in Cuba is very, very difficult. But hey, we made this decision to stay here to progress.” Says Blanco.

Blanco says his decision was only discussed with his close family and that today he lives with friends who support him.

“Family, friends, it’s hard to leave everything behind,” says Blanco.

Jug said he felt good because so many people were shouting at him to stay in the stadium.

Although Blanco said he had not received any concessions so far, the Cuban government has held the US government accountable for providing substantial sums of money to soldiers.

Cuba, which has won medals at every Olympics since 1992, including gold in 1992, 1996 and 2004, has not had the same luck at this year’s Games. The island team was eliminated from the Olympic qualifiers after the first two matches against Venezuela and Canada for the first time in Cuban sporting history.

The third clash against the whole of Colombia, which no longer defined their eligibility for the elimination round, returned their well-known power to the Cubans on the ground, where they beat the coffee farmers 16-3, but the relevance of the game that can be calculated by that small number.