November 28, 2022

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Cuban immigration crisis in Greece after illegal arrival from Russia

Hundreds of Cuban immigrants from Russia, currently fleeing without a visa, by air from Varadero and Cayo Coco, have created a migration crisis in Greece, leading to the arrest of more than 90 Caribbean citizens. That European country newspaper.

This October 28, Reported Cuban immigrants have been detained at the Greek island of Zákinthos airport while trying to travel from Russia without a visa and access EU (EU) countries such as Italy and Spain.

Greek police say Cubans are seeking to arrive in Italy with incomplete documents and that they are still finding 120 of their comrades who did not have access to the airport after the announcement of those already detained at the Greek airport.

According to police sources, the Cubans traveled from Russia to Serbia and from there to the Greek capital Athens. They took a bus from Kifissos to Zákinthos and stayed at a hotel in the Laganas area.

This afternoon, October 27, some people started taking taxis to the island’s airport, checked in online and boarded a departure lounge to board a Ryanair flight to Milan. In Italy they wanted to apply for political asylum.

Greek newspapers reported that all Cubans were well-dressed and had families with small children. Airport officials informed police when it was discovered during a check that the passport of immigrants in Cuba did not have a visa. They cannot board the plane without that document.

When the police arrived at the airport and thoroughly examined their travel documents, they began to confirm that there was no EU visa in any Cuban passport. Subsequently, all the illegal passengers were detained by the police at the departure hall of the terminal.

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After several hours of negotiations, the Cubans, who were opposed to leaving, were taken by bus to a hotel in Zakynthos, where they are under 24-hour police surveillance. Greek police say an incident took place with police while some were trying to escape while the Cubans were staying at the airport.

Hundreds of Cubans are arriving at the Russian border every day due to visa facilities between the two countries and the high number of flights. Since there are relatives in Spain, Italy and Germany, many try to cross the EU border, but this is very difficult because neither Russia nor its neighbors belong to the union, and there are police reinforcements on the borders. They keep trying though.


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