November 28, 2022

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Cuban actor Abel Rodriguez has died in Miami at the age of 50

Cuban actor and presenter Abel Rodriguez Ramares Who lived in Miami for 50 years, He died Friday morning in that American city.

Cuban filmmaker Lillo Vilaplana, under his command Rodriguez was in his latest film, Horse, As well as the previous one PlantedMourned his death Facebook wall.

“Cuban actor Abel Rodriguez passed away in Miami this morning at 9:30 am. Great professional and friend. We will always remember your smile. Your commitment in every project and your good energy to all. Good friend. Good trip, his widow Anna Lopez, her brothers Our condolences to Carlos and Manolo Rodriguez, his son Benjamin, his daughters and his family and friends, “he wrote.

Accordingly USA TeVĂ©Although other sources point to pulmonary embolism, the cause of death was sudden cerebral palsy.

Rodriguez’s daughter, Paula Masola, confirms sad news from her marriage to Cuban actress and presenter Edith Masola Within it Own wall.

“Some people tell me I have your lips and your nose. I reminded you of people who knew you and talked to me, I do not know, but I have no doubt. I’m supposed to use my imagination. I did sometimes at a young age: you appeared in my school, or you came to wonder, or I met you and you read this where you are, “he wrote.

Abel Rodriguez was born in Cuba in 1971 and studied acting at the National School of Art. His first appearances were with the theater troupe Rita Montner, where he worked for two years, and later with El Poplico, where he participated in various productions.

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His performance in the Cuban film Fragrance Oak He won the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2003 Havana Film Festival. On the island he appeared in films like Long live Cuba (2005) and Dance sa-sa (2005).

And for his lead role in Telenovola Night life He gained the recognition of the Cuban public. Outside of Cuba, he played roles in series like this Celia And Clone, And in movies like Everyone is leaving (2015).