December 1, 2022

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Cuba withdraws press credentials from Efe journalists in Havana | The world

Cuban officials today withdrew the press credentials of Efe Agency journalists in Cuba ahead of an illegal civil rally on Monday, May 15, demanding political change in Cuba.

Those in charge of the International Press Center urgently called the Efe team in Havana – three editors, a photographer and a TV camera – who told them that their credentials had been withdrawn without clarifying whether their credentials were temporary or permanent.

The arrangement was adopted one and a half months after the accreditation of Efe’s teacher coordinator in Havana was withdrawn.

Officials have warned the EFE team that they can no longer carry out their press work, and they do not want to clarify the exact reasons that prompted them to make this decision.

The resolution comes at a subtle moment in Cuba with a march of citizens called by the opposition next Monday as the country opens its borders tomorrow, Sunday, demanding political change on the island, which has been banned by the government. For tourism.

This is the first time the Cuban EFE Agency has withdrawn its credentials and there is no record that the move was accepted on another occasion with the international news agency on the island.

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