November 28, 2022

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Cruz proposes Azul Riotos transfer: Romo Rodriguez or Aguirre

Montessori, N.L. /

Blue Cross Wants to be in its line Carlos Rodriguez The Eric Aguirre, Players Underlined, So he sent the proposal Montreal An exchange, offer Louis Romo.

In the event that Romo is not interested Gang, machine He also has it on the table $ 5 million Buy any of these components, according to ESPN.

Javier Aguirre He has no coordination for next year and he is not even in his plan to bring in another player, so it may be difficult for the Royal Club to accept this plan.

In addition, Cruz hired Azul Montessori Christian Tabo, He wanted to be directed by Juan Rhinoso.

When in Rayados, if there is an integration, they expect it Rodolfo Pizarro, Who leaves Inter Miami, is also inspired by Sivas.

“We are in talks with Romo about his aspirations, he wants to go to Europe or make more money, so the option is to change teams,” one source told ESPN.

“There are talks, anything can happen now. Rayados are always attractive,” commented another source from the same television network.

Romo is the chosen one Gerardo Martino At Tri Meyer, Aguirre arrived at the Riotos six months ago, but his debut was delayed due to injury at the Olympics.

Charlie Rodriguez is a national team player and one of the most projected players in Mexican football.

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