December 1, 2022

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Cruz Azul does not reject the example of Tigris and Monterrey for vaccinating in the United States

In the United States, Cruz can follow in the footsteps of Azul Tigris and Riotos to get vaccinated against Govt-19.

Cruise Azul technician Juan Rhinoso agreed that the Cement Board was considering vaccinating the entire team in advance and was not waiting for the Mexican government to analyze their trip to the United States so that all members could use the scale against the cove. 19.

The machine could become the third Mexican team to receive treatment against the corona virus on North American soil. Rhizos did it a few days ago, and some components of dicrase still use the first dose of the two needed to gain immunity across the border.

The rhinoceros pointed out at a press conference that the team has two shots so they can define everything in the coming days. In addition, there is also the opportunity to face MLS teams in the Concacaf Champions League and take advantage of their journey.

“Yes we thought about it. There are definitely two scenarios we can try to accomplish or explore that are the best conditions for vaccinating one or the other. I think that’s the position we have for transfers, trips and the like. It deserves it, I hope it can be achieved on stage A or B, but we thought about it, ”he declared.

This Tuesday, ESPN Digital He announced that the Liga MX would not impose any restrictions on teams considering obtaining the vaccine in this way.

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Since everything is handled by the government itself, Liga MX does not legally have the potential to have vaccines for first-class groups, this time working with groups in need of treatment against Covid-19, i.e. those over 60, teachers and soon the 50- to 59-year-old circle.

Only athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics will receive the amount.

In an interview with the site, Carlos Patila, chairman of the Mexican Olympic Committee, announced that it is estimated that 50 footballers will be vaccinated before being sent to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by the Mexican national team. As mentioned earlier they are not the only 18 people going to the championship due to sports and logistics.