November 28, 2022

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Crossing Cordova with a cold chest is because they do not know him

‘Piojo’ Herrera felt that Sebastian Cordova was not comfortable in the United States because he had changed his position.

Miguel Herrera, Technical Specialist Tigers, That was rejected Sebastian Cordova He pointed out that the “cold chest” and those who classify him as such were because they did not know the former American soldier.

“I don’t think anyone who categorizes him as cold-hearted knows him, he’s a very brave, very proud player,” said Tigress coach who joined C கோrdoba at the Eagles.

I think, no doubt, he’s sacrificed, he’s not playing anymore, no player slows down his performance, he feels bad. When change comes, they expect him to be resolved, it was a difficult situation, he’s not comfortable, you can see him in his actions and face, ”Miguel Herrera said in an interview. ESPN.

‘Piojo’ matched Sebastian Gordova in the United States and made him one of the best players on the Azul Cream team.. Now, with Tigress, he hopes to get the “best version” of the bronze medalist.

“I never asked him, he always took the initiative, I told him to jump on the team, he did it, he appeared in games against Sivas, Poomas, Cruz Azul, he was a player who always carried the threads. He created the team, the game and the goal.” Herrera commented.

Miguel Herrera commented on Tigress’ reinforcements for next season He hopes this week will pass Jesus angle From Atlas to the North team And noted that they were not interested Jonathan Toss Santos.

“I’m not interested in Jonathan, we’re very complete in that area. I’m brought up in the past (Juan Pablo) WiganThe player on the right, (Jesus) Dunas It was now updated, and I bet on a young man from the quarry (Raphael) Karyoka, We are full “.

In the event of an angle pass, Tigress will already have two reinforcements for the next match.