December 7, 2022

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Cristiano Ronaldo: This is the house where he lives in Manchester

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Cristiano Ronaldo Will live his second phase as a player Manchester United, So not only did the Portuguese issue uniforms, a Luxurious mansion On the outskirts of the city Manchester, England.

According to information published in the newspaper ‘Sun’, The incredible property where the Portuguese star and his family live has all the amenities needed for a world football star.

The same media described that the mansion is located in Chesapeake Seven rooms, A Fitness Complex With High tech swimming pool And Jacuzzi.

Among other details of being in an incredible home is a sauna, A Theater For the family, doble garage, Different Terraces, Surrounded by lush green areas and guarded by a six-member security team.


The house that previously owned the CR7 in Manchester?

During his first stint as a Red Devils player, Cristiano Ronaldo He had the most luxurious mansion in Manchester; However, in 2018 the Portuguese decided Sell ​​for 4 million eurosThat’s why when he returned to the English city he had to look for a new home.

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