May 22, 2022

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Cristiano Ronaldo has become the highest scorer in football history according to FIFA

With his goals against Tottenham, Cristiano Ronaldo became United’s fourth best Premier League goal scorer and also scored 95 goals for Root van Nistelrooy.

Cristiano Ronaldo became the highest scorer in history with his three goals against Tottenham Hotspur this Saturday, surpassing his 805 with 807 goals in history. Joseph Beacon.

Portugal opened their scoring with a superb goal for the team directly from 30 meters Hugo Loris, He then used a better pass Jadon Sancho He finally scored the third goal with a header from behind Brazil’s cross to give Manchester United a 2-1 lead. Alex Tellus.

With the first goal, Christian Is equivalent Pigan And second he surpassed him, according to the statistics FIFA.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 5 goals in his lifetime Sports Portugal, 136 with Manchester United, 450 with Real MadridWith 101 Juventus 115 with Turin and Portugal national team.

Beacon, born in Austria, played between 1931 and 1955 and scored most of his goals. Slavian From the Prague team, he scored 427 goals in 221 games.

With his goals against TottenhamCristiano Ronaldo is the fourth highest scorer (96) Premier Surpassed United’s 95 goals Root von Nistelrooy And only behind Paul Scholes (107), Ryan Giggs (109) and Wayne Rooney (183)

Ronaldo Became the highest scorer in history Man UDTHe started to shine in the team that kicked him out of football in his country and in the most important matches in Europe.

Christian With lives its secondary Red demons. Currently, he has 18 goals and three assists in the 31 games he has played.

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Man UDT And Ronaldo, They are currently fourth in the Premier League; While in Champions League They are in the 16th round, in which they were tied 1-1 against Atletico Madrid.