May 17, 2022

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Cristiano Ronaldo: CR7 apologizes to battered mother – International Football – Sports

In a video where you can see how Cristiano Ronaldo threw himself on the floor of a fan who was recording his cellphone, the Portuguese star is in the eye of the hurricane.

According to the Liverpool Echo, The victim is fan Jake Harding, a 14-year-old minor who suffers from autism and dyspraxia. His mother, Sarah Kelly, gave her testimony to the media in question.

She was attacked by an autistic child and a football player, I see it as a mother. He is very upset and totally encouraged to go back to a match. This is the first football game he has ever played, and it happened … ”said Kelly.

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The issue escalated to the point where Merseyside police confirmed in a statement that they were investigating an incident. “Everton vs. Manchester United, at Goodison Park, were caught by a United player as he left the pitch. We will talk to all parties involved“.

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Forgiveness: ‘Emotions are not easy to deal with’

Considering the controversy unleashed by the clip, Ronaldo offered a small apology to that fan. Controlling your anger is essential to setting a good example for those who follow you.

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“Emotions are not easy to deal with during the difficult times we experience. However, we must always be respectful and patient and be a role model to all young people who love the beautiful game. I would like to apologize for my anger and, if possible, invite this fan to watch a match at Old Trafford to show off their fair play and athleticism, “he wrote on his Instagram account.

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Answer: ‘I am very, very rude’

For her part, Sarah went to the media, especially the local newspaper ‘The Telegraph’, expressing her dissatisfaction with CR7’s excuses: “Not apologizing or not apologizing made me even more angry.”

Jacob Everton and a maniac on football. His passion. It took an absolute shine from the game, the success, the experience

“What the footballer wrote was not an apology,” he wrote on social media: “I thought, ‘How rude, you’ve apologized and you’ve tell everyone you did not. He had many hours to think about it. He must have found our contact details … to be private, to say that he spoke to us and to post something. I would have been happy with that. “

Instead of Ronaldo saying, “Supporter can come to me,” I was surprised that United did not release a statement that was somewhat truthful and asked them to contact us. That sounds very, very rude to me. Why should we Everton fans go to United? He kept saying, ‘This follower.’ It does not say whether he’s a fan of Everton or a fan of United. This is a very weak apology in my opinion, “Sarah wrote on her Facebook account.

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Finally, he described the conversation he had with his son, who was a fan of the team and a football player: “I asked him: ‘Do you want to go? Ronaldo said we can go to United’. He said, ‘No, Mom, I do not want to see him again.’ That’s annoying, because Ronaldo is one of the reasons I go to the United Game.“.

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