September 29, 2022

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Crisis and demonstrations in Colombia today: minute by minute

Duke says there are 65 investigations into police abuse in the structure of the protests

Duke on CNN: We have no tolerance for police abuse 12:48

President Ivan Duck has announced that 65 investigations into police abuse have been opened in the wake of widespread waves of protests in Colombia over the years.

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Christian Amanpur this Wednesday, President Duke said: “There are now (…) 65 charges against the military or police in connection with illegal activities (…). As many as 65 cases have been registered as there is a zero tolerance policy for any illegal conduct, ”he said.

One Who collaborated in it? Commanders of the Police, Commanders of the Forces. We are investigating expeditiously with the Attorney General’s Office. We must always be clear: there is no tolerance for abuse of human rights or conduct outside of Colombian law, “he added.

The president said the country has “strict regulations” on the use of force.

Duke argued that his government had “always relied on and defended a fundamental right in our organization for specific protests.”

“We believe this is part of freedom of expression, and we always guarantee rights when referring to peaceful protest. We need to understand that in some parts of the country, people should see their expression as vulgar and criminal. Face specific ethics, so we make sure those protocols are adhered to, and I must be very clear that if there is any illegal activity by any member of the police or military in any disclosure, these behaviors will be investigated and prosecuted (…).

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At least 42 people have been killed and hundreds injured in violent protests in Colombia, raising concerns in the United States and the European Union.

More than 1,800 cases of violence have been reported by police since the march began on April 28, according to Templars, a Colombian charity that monitors cases of police abuse. Protesters and they have gone viral on the networks. The data are based on a collection of press reports. The Open Society Foundations, based in the United States, is one of Temporals’ financial aid organizations.

Colombian police agents were involved in the deaths of at least 11 protesters last week, the country’s interior minister, Daniel Palacios, told CNN. At least three arrest warrants have been issued against the agents involved in the deaths.

At the same time, police have been targeted by groups of violent insurgents. The Colombian ombudsman’s office said 25 police stations had been attacked since the protests began.