Cougars, Inc. – DVD Review

Cougars, Inc.

Cougars, Inc. is a comedic teen college flick mixed with a little “bow-chick-a-wow-wow” – mommy style. The indie film tells the story of rebellious teenager Sam Lowell (Kyle Gallner), who’s been kicked out of some of the top boarding schools across the country and struggles to fit in at his new school.

After Sam's mom is no longer able to afford his pricey tuition, he and his new friends become escorts to the middle-aged women of the town in order to keep Sam in school and have some fun while they're at it. Instead of Cougars, the film really focused on MILFs and might have benefited from treating it as such.

There’s nothing really interesting about the story. It’s pretty basic college movie fluff and has been done before – bigger and better and with slightly different angles. Think of it as a longer story about American Pie’s Finch and his relationship with Stifler’s mom. Except, you have to remove the outlandish humour and treat it way more seriously than the entire American Pie series did.

Although Gallner held his own in the film as Sam, he’s seen better days in A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jennifer’s Body. However, it was Sarah Hyland who comes across as the real shining star. Her portrayal as Courtney was both cool and sexy, as she eventually fell for Sam. Hyland has come a long way since her stint as Howard Stern’s daughter in the semi-biographical flick Private Parts.

Cougars, Inc. suffers from either being too serious or not serious enough. It never took the plunge to be either a comedy or a drama – it just sits on the fence. It could have been a typical college sex movie or it could have been an innovative sexual drama, but it was neither. And for that Cougars, Inc. is neither good or bad, it just is.