November 28, 2022

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Corruption that elevated Union Magdalena to A – Colombian soccer – game

Inactivity in the brand of players Llaneros, The anger of the fans at Villivicencio, the tears of the coach Strength, Who played a solo game, defined the promotion for the first section as everything is just a part of the film. Union Magdalena After defeating Laneros 1-2 at Macaulay from Villavicencio.

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He ended his return to Union A in the last breath of the game against Laneros. He lost 1-0, came back and won 1-2, and with the defeat of Fortaleza against Bogot, he was able to return to A.

However, his rise was clouded by a stranger The goal Seeing the Samaritan attackers play, he achieved this when his opponent really stood still and injured.

A boom with suffering

Sports action between Llaneros and Union.

Fortaleza came to play in the final in favor of everything he relied on. But petrol did not last long, and he lost without promotion.

He went ahead with a free kick goal Louis Nervous, In 17 minutes, in a laboratory play. In the 33rd minute, Bogota equalized with a goal from Luis Perez on a shot that bite after a corner kick.

Jarate scored the second goal for Bogot at the end of the first half. They were tense moments for Fortaleza because he was pending what Union Magdalena had done when he visited Laneros. They were 0-0.

In the second half, Fortaleza searched for the tie but could not find it. But, the promotion did not lend a hand to him. His silence came when Laneros climbed on the scoreboard against the Samaritan team, with which he left him with no choice.

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But then came the unexpected. Union equalized in the 94th minute through Gonzalez. 1-1 and took a breather, but he had a few seconds left in the game. It only helped to win.

Then, when Fortaleza had already begun to celebrate in Deco, when only the final whistle was expected in both places, came Union’s extraordinary score, in which the Laneros players saw their rival game, first Diver Vega, Who walked in the area, and then to Jonathan Sekura, defined it without any difficulty.

With that goal in mind, Fortaleza was left without promotion and is celebrating his return to Unión Magdalena A. Fortaleza has already demanded that the competition be investigated, as well as the Colombian Association of Footballers, Acolfutpro.

The fort says there was a trap

“We firmly believe that there was corruption in the match between Llaneros and Unión Magdalena. The match was fixed. The first and second goals were fixed and very clear,” he said. Carlos Serrano, Manager of Fortaleza at EL TIEMPO.

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“We’m going to claim the game so that they both lose, Fortaleza will rise, and if Demeyer and the Confederates want to set a precedent, this has to be the case. We are going to continue, “he added.

“I’m not ashamed to cry because I feel robbed, we can lose, but not that way, not that way: we’re a corrupt community,” said Fort Nelson Flores, head coach.

Demeyer pronounced

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The statement concludes, “I acknowledge the commitment of the company I lead to organize championships based on the honesty of the competition – Fernando Gerarmelo Giraldo, Head of the Major Division of Colombian Professional Football.” .

The various tournaments, organized and managed by DIMAYOR, seek to adhere to and respect the principle of “pro competition” as a matter of legal precedence, as revealed in the Colombian Football Confederation -CDU’s unique regulatory code.

Jaramilo announces trial. “I would like to inform the public that I was present for the 6th home run of the 2021 BetPlay DIMAYOR II competition, considering the official footage of the match played between Club Laneros SA and Union Magdalena SA on December 4, 2021. To the disciplinary committee of the Championship, DIMAYOR Transferred to the Commission so that they act according to their competence “.