November 28, 2022

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Correos de Cuba reports delay in retrieving DHL service

DHL told the Coryos de Cuba Group’s international news and exchange agency that the parcel service to Cuba, which was suspended by the company on August 23, has been re-launched with limited shipping restrictions based on available space capacity. To this company through a contracted airline.

“We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and delay in delivering this information in a timely manner due to errors in the internal administration, with DHL contacting Coryos de Cuba from September 29. Contacts of our postal system.

Cuba Directory Spoke with executives DHL For other details on the reasons that led to this situation and future prospects for the service.

P / On August 26, 23rd of the same month, we issued a note from the Cuban Post Office regarding the suspension of its parcel services to the island. It was said that it would take a few weeks and the reason for the suspension was that the load capacity was low. Please, we will appreciate any updates or additional details.

  • I would like to clarify that the DHL service from Cuba to other parts of the world for sending documents and parcels has not met any suspension and is operating with a certain default taking into account some delays due to the shortage of flights departing from Havana. For DHL’s Madrid HUB, it’s currently 2 a week (Thursday and Saturday, but they usually vary) which gives us the ability to load. *
  • This will not be the case for DHL in Havana from other parts of the world, but for those who leave DHL HUB in Madrid. During these past months we have made every effort to maintain document and parcel service to the capital and province of Havana, looking for all sorts of alternatives. Success. All of this is due to the condition of C0VID-19, which means that tourists do not go to the island. Thus airlines reduce their flights (we had 2 daily flights before the epidemic) now we only have 2 weekly flights *, in Cuba and only Cuban residents fly. Considering the scarcity of goods in Cuba, they use travel to carry large quantities of personal belongings and other goods.
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Following the approval of the K / Cuban government, the Republican General Customs facilitated the importation of unlimited quantities of other goods completely duty free by all travelers to the island. In the passage, we must prioritize these and stay on the ground, leaving no room for our cargo.

  • Currently, the service of sending documents to the capital is maintained, but the parcel service is not available for the above reasons. Cuba’s latest news, published in your media, indicates that from November 15, Cuba will reopen its doors to international tourism without isolation. Only then will the frequency of flights and their capacity increase, at which time we will be able to restore parcel service.

Q / Courier service is maintained, but are there some countries where exports are not yet processed?

  • As is the case in Cuba, there are currently very few countries that do not process exports to Cuba, as was done before C0VID-19, which will be reversed once the C0VID-19 epidemic normalizes and improves. Your flights.

Q / Do you have late packages due to infection?

  • We have to answer this question in 2 parts. I must mention that one of the pending shipments to Cuba from any birth in the world, we received more late packages than you due to the suspension of the parcel service on August 23rd. Well explained.

DHL Transit in Madrid We will complete the delay from HUB and do this transit next weekend, I can tell you that we only have a few hundred shipments left.

Our official partner EMCI Delivery in Cuba due to the epidemic is the second part of the packages pending, but they arrange the deliveries in all the ways available to them from day to day, and will quickly resolve any delays received. New parcels due to suspension.

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Q / What are the current delivery times?

  • Due to the restricted air capacity currently provided by airlines and the condition of the Covit-19 in Cuba to be delivered “on the last mile”, we are unable to provide regular delivery time on DHL service. However, we guarantee that our team will make all the necessary efforts so that these delivery times are at least possible under these current conditions.

Q / Are any terms, conditions or procedures changed?

  • When faced with a global epidemic like the one we are suffering from without any precedent, we had to change the rules, conditions and procedures to escape from this new situation.

P / Some of what they ask of us too much. What is the price of different services going to or from Cuba? It would be very useful if there was a table or list with those ratios.

In answer to this question, I will answer that those who are interested in exporting through the DHL network should go to the customer service that owns DHL in each country through the Internet on the Internet. WWW.DHL.COM , They can tell you what you need to process your ship, as well as the updated price and in your local currency.

* Arguments are marked

They refer to the situation prior to November 15th. Did you find withCuba Directory