December 1, 2022

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Controversy erupts in US over McKennie: Did he sleep with police sister? – Ten

As already confirmed on Monday, Weston McKenney Will not be playing this Wednesday United States Formerly in San Pedro Sula Honduras In the final angle of the concoction.

The U.S. panel released an official statement explaining the absence McKennie.

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“Weston will return to Italy and will not be available for the match against him Honduras Due to a group policy violation, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general United States.

Now, it was initially said that the Juventus star was the reason for his departure from the national team United StatesDuring the match against El Salvador, he got off the bus without a mask and gave autographs to some of the fans outside Caskatlan Stadium.

This Tuesday version changed and controversy erupted United States Hours before the game Honduras.

When it was first mentioned in the report that the sentence was for violating the team’s policy of greeting fans without a mask, many thought the sentence was more than harsh. TUDN And ESPN has confirmed that this is not the real issue.

The move endangered his team and the rest of the team that traveled with the national team. McKennie He decided to leave the Concession Hotel and break the bubble, and if that was not enough, they reported that he had brought a person back to the group headquarters.

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The situation was reported to the Berhalder staff, which is why they did not hesitate for a second to separate him from the rest of the team.

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Sister of the Tiger?

The bombing does not end here because the international media is reporting on who that person is McKennie After the party, he entered the hotel, the sister of one of his teammates, Christian Police, Reproduced Global From Mexico.

There is a strong rumor that McKennie will have a relationship with the Police Sister at the full concentration of the American team.

Before all this, the former captain United StatesS, London Donovan, highlighted the problem of representation Weston McKenney He pointed out what happened to that player beyond a simple signature without a mask in El Salvador.

“I know what happened, but I will not say. What I am saying is that I am incredibly disappointed. Weston (McKennie) I understand being in JuventusIn such a long season, you sit at home every month and want to get people in your house. Is this a wise thing to do? No, but I understand. But this is a week with three important games going to the World Cup, not just for you, but for your team and your country. The level of selfishness goes further, ‚ÄĚDonovan said.

Young women want to sell it

The Juventus Ready to sell to Weston McKenney After the midfielder violated the rules imposed by Govt for the second time in a few months, Diario AS de Espana reports.

In March of this year, McKennie, 23, organized a closing ceremony from which colleagues also attended Juventus Arthur Melo and Palo Dybala. It is very clear that this is not the first time an American has done that.

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McKennie, The Juventus Wants to sell his ‘rotten apple’ “, Spanish title AS American.