December 7, 2022

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Conflicts and isolation for returning to school in the United States

More than 10,000 students and education officials in more than 14 states have been isolated since school classes began, and these events are taking place these days amid intense controversy across the country over the use of anti-death and violence, anti-Govt-19 masks and vaccines.

In Florida, one of the centers of uncontrolled expansion of the delta variant of the corona virus, more than 160,000 students returned to classrooms in Palm Beach County this week (where former President Donald Trump stayed).

The governor, Republican Ron Desantis, banned the use of masks by school officials despite the collapse of hospitals, sparking an uprising by some school officials. Acting District Superintendent Michael Burke told MSNBC on Thursday that hundreds of students were already in isolation, as Desantis had hoped, at Palm Beach without a masked order.

[Florida podría retener el salario de los directivos escolares que impongan el uso de la mascarilla en las aulas]

According to officials, 37 children and 14 staff were affected. “The Governor shall be responsible for setting the basic rules So we can act. Allowing families to avoid wearing a mask creates more cases, sending more children home and losing the traditional classroom experience, ”Burke said.

In nearby Browd County, where classes begin, four teachers died of complications from the corona virus within 24 hours; At least three of them (the other had no information) were not vaccinated, school board chairman Rosalind Oskut told CNN.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that all children wear masks when they return to school this year, whether they have been vaccinated or not (children under 12 can still be vaccinated).

But Republicans Florida and Texas, which are ruled by Greg Abbott, have blocked the imposition of the school ordinance along with theirs. Tensions (for example, without wearing a mask) between those who protect the health and lives of children (themselves and others) and those who defend their freedom have led to conflicts in other parts of the country.

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[Los pediatras piden que todos los niños usen mascarilla en las escuelas incluso aunque estén vacunados]

Sutter Creek Elementary School in Amador County, California The student’s parents attacked the teacher over a dispute over the use of the mask On the first day of school. The teacher had “bruises on the face and some bruises, and a big blow to the back of the head,” school district superintendent Tori Gibson said in a statement.

All students in that district are required to wear masks within educational institutions unless there is a medical exemption. The invader did not accept this demand imposed on his daughter and started a verbal fight which turned into an attack.

Experts warn that the number of children affected by the highly contagious delta type is on the rise. The pediatric hospital rate has also increasedHowever, even though doctors point out that the symptoms are not as severe as those that affect adults.

But school officials are shocked to learn that students, especially those under the age of 12, who are not eligible for the corona virus vaccine, are more likely to experience COVID-19 symptoms. Jack Cadrett, supervisor of Talbot County, south of Atlanta, Georgia, said schools were closed after at least a dozen students tested positive. That school district is one in four in Georgia that has stopped face-to-face classes.

What is the difference in this eruption compared to what happened last year It seems to focus more on children … It scares me more than adults, “Cadret explained.

According to local media, 95 cases have been reported in Warren County Public Schools in Kentucky, which has more than 17,000 students. More than 700 students and staff are in isolation And the high number of infections caused the supervisor to enforce the order for the use of masks even if he did not do so at first.

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[California obligará a sus profesores a vacunarse o someterse a pruebas periódicas de detección del COVID-19]

In Reno, Nevada, a father was diagnosed with coronavirus infection in his son two days after Mars Hers High School, the Washoe County Health District said Wednesday. The student revealed more than 80 classmates. County spokesman Reno told the Gazette Journal that students who have not been vaccinated should stay home until Aug. 20. Those who have been vaccinated and have no symptoms can return to school.

In Mississippi, one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country with 35.5% of the population on the full vaccination schedule, at least 1,000 students and school staff have tested positive, according to the state Department of Health.. More than 4,400 students are in isolation.

[No, el aumento de los casos de COVID-19 no es culpa de los inmigrantes]

In Arkansas, the Republican governor signed a bill banning school districts from requiring masks, which he now regrets. 1,200 students have been isolated since the start of the school year Because more than 100 students and staff tested positive, according to local media.

“If our students and teachers wore masks from day one, instead of 1,200 isolations, we would only have 100,” said Marion School District Superintendent Glenn Fender.

[Es más probable que las vacunas contra el COVID-19 sean obligatorias una vez que la FDA apruebe su uso completo, según expertos]

As of Thursday morning, 665 students and staff had been isolated in Kershaw County, South Carolina. At least 128 students and 23 staff were infectedAccording to the district’s COVID-19 committee. About 10,500 students go to school there. The state education superintendent, who said he was concerned about the number of isolated students, urged lawmakers to reconsider the government’s ban on the mask order.

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The trend of epidemics is of particular concern to school district leaders located in states where governors have banned the use of masks. But some have chosen to override the orders.

A few hours after the start of the school year, the Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Schools announced Monday that they needed masks. Two days later, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced new requirements for the use of masks in the county and agreed that students and teachers should wear masks in schools.

[Lo que recomiendan algunos de los mejores pediatras respecto a la variante delta y los niños]

In some of Florida’s major cities, school district leaders have rallied to disobey Desantis’ executive order banning mask orders, and the governor has threatened to withhold their salaries. Joe Biden’s administration has responded by examining whether it can provide unused incentive funds to educators who violate the order.

In Oklahoma, Chris Brewster, supervisor of southern Santa Fe schools, said he had implemented the use of masks in schools in violation of a state ban and was considering its consequences.

“I know I am responsible for any decision,” Brewster wrote in a letter to county families. “If this decision prevents a member of our community from suffering or dying from serious health problems, it is worth a thousand times more,” he added.

With information from Washington Post, CNN, NBC News.