September 30, 2022

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Concave League defeats marathon in Modagua Olympic

Marathon Vs. Modagua by minute Concoff League

Honduran clubs clash in Congo

Game over: Modagua defeated the marathon 0-2 at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium. The Blues are looking for the semi-finals of the Concacaf League.

90 ‘ The referee notes a 3-minute transfer to the Olympic Stadium. The blues will touch the ball in these moments.

Change in Motagua: Marcelo Santos entered Juan Delcato in the 84th minute.

Search! In the center of the area, to control the cost and take an uncomfortable shot at defying security, it is up to Decora to shoot at Marco and Rogier with his right foot. Stored in Motagua 81.

Search! Axel Motino’s shot forces Jonathan Rugier to extend his right foot and send a corner kick. Stored in Motagua 75.

Changes in Motagua: Roberto Morera, Diego Rodriguez, Matthias Calvallis, Gonzalo Klusener, Diego Aski and Evan Lopez in the 74th minute.

Changes in the marathon: Vector Perios, Wilmer Crisando and Axel Motino added to Freles Lopez, Ovidio Lanza and Isaac Castillo in the 73rd minute.

71 ‘ Kervin Ariaka’s shot goes wrong. The marathon is looking for all the discounts.

62 ‘ Aussie filtered pass to Elvir on the left, Klusener took the cross attached to his head and put it in the nets. Argentina celebrates its 38th birthday.

The cry of Modagua! In the 62nd minute, Gonzalo Klusener scored a header to make it 2-0 against the marathon.

59 ‘ Easy ASCII shot for Denovan Torres.

Marathon change: Jose Lobo entered Brian Castillo in the 56th minute.

52 ‘ Martin “Tato” Garcia did not stop directing his customers, especially the younger Brian Castillo.

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Change in Motagua: Carlos Fernandez enters Kevin Lopez, he was injured in the 47th minute.

Beginning of the second part: The marathon for the first leg of the 2021 Conclave League quarterfinals is 0-1 Mottakuwa.

The end of the first part: Motacua beat marathon 0-1 in Olympic for the first round of the Confederations Cup quarterfinals.

45 ‘ The referee noted that 3 more minutes will be played at the Olympic Stadium.

Search! Kevin Lopez swings a mark to the right, passes that area and sends a center and escapes through the finish line without anyone interfering. Saving on Marathon 45.

44 ‘ Castley’s center on the right, which Omar Elvir rejects before the arrival of Allans Vargas.

42 ‘ The ball goes to Carlo Castile, but the blue defense disarms him and Roger holds the ball.

37 ‘ Center for the area that forces Rugier to come out and save. In the previous one, the Argentine goalkeeper sent a shot from the killer with a goal mark to the corner.

Yellow For a tough game in the 36th minute for Diego Asko of Modagua.

Search! Center on the right and Ovidio Lana take on an uncomfortable title, forcing Rugier to steer into a corner. Stored in Motagua 34.

Search! Kevin Lopez gets a filtered ball from the right and takes a wide shot. Motagua apologized in the 33rd minute.

30 ‘ Kevin Lopez’s center forces Kervin Ariaka to send a title at an angle.

27 ‘ Throw to Mottagua. Blues sends a ball to the area controlled by the emerald guard.

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Search! Isaac Castillo, including Jonathan Rugier, fired from the front. Motakuwa saves in the 24th minute.

21 ‘ Jose Aguilera missed Marcelo Pereira in the 21st minute. The referee warned the Vertolaka player.

17 ‘ Evan “Sino” Lopez gets a corner kick in support of Motagua. Blues looking second.

Marathon change: Carlo Castle enters Emilio Isaguire in the 14th minute. “Tato” sees a tie. Wing retired from the game on a stretcher.

11 & # 39; Emilio Izaguir suffered an injury to his left knee and the medical team is already asking for a change.

What did you do! The center of Allans Vargas is to the right and Lanza cannot connect with the head only in front of Ilans. Motagua saves in the 9th minute.

5 ‘Kevin Lopez steals a ball, penetrates the area from the right, leaves Uruguayan Tecera’s mark on the road and sends it to a center that rejects the back, it takes a gun to blow up the Aussie nets.

The cry of Modagua! Diego Aussie marks 1-0 for the marathon in the 5th minute.

3 ‘ Castillo gets a corner kick in support of the marathon. Greens charge shorter and help solve Motacua security.

2 ‘ Mistakes made by Emilio Isaguer against Ivan “Sino” Lopez in the area of ​​the hurricane. Serious start to the game so far.

Start the game Marathon vs. Motacua in Olympic for the first round of the Concacaf League quarterfinals !.

8:00 The marathon and motocau teams are coming off the field. The war is about to begin.

7:54 PM Excitement is here! La Barra del Marathon enters the stadium and begins to set the atmosphere.

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7:50 PM This is what a section of the Olympic Stadium options looks like. Many blue and green shirts.

7:45 PM The marathon and motocau athletes finish the warm-up and return to the dressing room.

7:36 PM Hurricane players are also set to complete warm-up training.

Marathon 11: Denovan Torres, Emilio Isaguerre, Allans Vargas, Mathias Decera, Brian Castillo, Kervin Ariaga, Jose Aguilera Luis Carrido, Isaac Castillo, Fraulis Lopez and Ovidio Lanza. DT: Martin Garcia.

Green Alternative: Harold Fonseka, Carlo Castley, Wilmer Chrisando, Victor Perrios, Jose Lobo, Michael Santos, Alex Motino.

Motagua 11: Jonathan Rogier, Carlos Melandos, Marcelo Pereira, Wesley Decas, Omar Elvir, Christopher Melandos, Juan Delcado, Diego Aussie, Kevin Lopez, Evan Lopez, Gonzalo Klusener. DT: Diego Vasquez.

Hurricane Bench: Marlon Ligona, Mathias Calvallis, Marco Vega, Marcelo Santos, Jesse Rodriguez, Roberto Morera and Carlos Fernandez.

7:30 p.m. The marathon and are set to finish in the heat on the grass of the Motagua Olympic Stadium.

7:15 PM Marathon and motocau fans regularly enter the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium.

6:50 p.m. Fans begin to arrive at the Olympic Stadium. These hurricane supporters were the first to come forward to support their team.

6:44 PM The marathon and motocau teams are already at the Olympic Stadium.

6:40 p.m. Welcome to Minute by Minute of Marathon. Motacua for the first leg of the Concacaf League quarterfinals.