September 29, 2022

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CONCACAF U20 Ideal Eleven Team’s only Mexican Diego Linz

Canadian Alfonso Davis and Sergino Test are the best components of the eleven types of IFFHS.

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics lists its top eleven top CONCACAF footballers under the age of 20 and the only Mexican player there is Diego Laines.

Diego creates an attacking trident with Canadian Jonathan David and American Giovanni Raina from Lilly and Borussia Dortmund respectively. The former United States player and current member of Real Betis has established himself as one of the most interesting players in Aztec football, and he begins little by little as an integral part of Betis strategist Manuel Bellegrini’s plan.

Laines, valued at 7 7.5 million by Transformer Port, arrived in La Liga in early 2019, having 12 games in the Spanish Championship this season.

The best elements of the eleven types of IFFHS are the Canadian Alfonso Davis, the champion of ‘Secstete’ with Bayern Munich and the Sergino Test hired by Barcelona last summer.

Other members: Kevin Zamoro (Costa Rica / San Carlos), Brian Reynolds (USA / FC Dallas / AS Roma), Chris Richards (USA / FC Bayern Munich), Cole Bassett (USA / Colorado Rapids), Alex Mundes (USA) ) And Brendan Aaronson (USA / RP Salzburg).

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