July 6, 2022

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CONCACAF Summary of Panama U-20 0-0 El Salvador U-20 in 2022 before the U-20 World Cup | 06/23/2022

22:14 An hour ago


21:24 2 hours ago

94 ‘

It’s over, with very little emotion in the competition and the split units of El Salvador and Panama.

21:18 2 hours ago

86 ‘

Dangerous cross from Arévalo, but no one could get there to finish the ball.

21:13 2 hours ago

80 ‘

Sedeno’s good intervention prevents the creation of danger.

21:06 2 hours ago

73 ‘

Both teams try to create danger in the match area, but for most matches the ball fights in the middle.

20:56 3 hours ago

66 ‘

Changes from El Salvador. Rivas and Gill leave for Benitez and Cruz.
Panama changes. Betegón and Tejada depart for Valencia and Gorday.

20:50 3 hours ago

59 ‘

Orellana’s center, but the ball disappears in the final line.

20:42 3 hours ago

51 ‘

Orellana’s good defensive cross prevented the ball from crossing.

20:36 3 hours ago

46 ‘

Processes are restarted and fill is already running.

20:36 3 hours ago

Four. Five ‘

Change of El Salvador. Aguirre entered through Esquivel
Panama changes. Osorio and Mosquera enter via Ceridos and Riviera.

20:19 3 hours ago

45 + 4 ‘

The first half in Honduras is over and the score is in balance.

20:16 3 hours ago

Four. Five ‘

Close! Kill’s cannon shot, but the ball bounced off the goal.

20:13 3 hours ago

42 ‘

Change from Panama due to injury. Vega exited and Alpha stepped inside.

20:03 4 hours ago

27 ‘

Osorio was looking for the ball with danger, but the pass was disappearing at the finish line.

19:52 4 hours ago

19 ‘

Panama seeks to create danger in the El Salvador area, but the defense intercepts the ball well.

19:47 4 hours ago

12 ‘

At the tour meeting, both teams tried to create, but failed to function.

19:35 4 hours ago

5 ‘

Bonilla came with danger, but Brizeno takes the ball out of him

19:31 4 hours ago

0 ‘

The meeting begins in Sula, San Pedro.

19:24 4 hours ago

El Salvador

D. Alguvera; A. Romero, c. Orellana, a. Kano, W. Pinota; H. Osorio, J .; Esquivel, M. Gill, J. Carey; E. Rivas, R. Arevalo.

19:22 4 hours ago

XI Panama

M. Perez; C. Lindson, D. Briseno, R .; Dello; E. Cedeo, R. Vega, N. Anderson, C. Rivera; L. Tejada, J .; Bettagon.

19:21 4 hours ago

To the court

19:16 4 hours ago


El Salvador is already ready in the San Pedro Sula building to play this important match.

19:11 4 hours ago

They came

Panama has already reached the metropolitan Olympic state, with the team seeking to add three and climb the levels in search of first place.

19:06 4 hours ago


Fans have already begun to meet in the Honduran building and they will seek to support the teams at this meeting, hoping it will be a great one.

18:56 5 hours ago

Watch this player

El Salvador will have to focus more on Javier Bettacon, who added his double century against Aruba, so they will be looking to add three in this match.

18:51 5 hours ago

Keep adding!

El Salvador is top of its group with nine points in favor and two against, so it is looking to increase its tally against Panama.

18:46 5 hours ago

Need to climb levels

Panama could not give a good match and were in third place with three units, adding six goals in their favor and three goals against.

18:41 5 hours ago

We’re back!

We bring you minute by minute the match between Panama and El Salvador in the U-20 Division related to the CONCACAF World Cup. We will soon share the most relevant information about both teams and confirmed rows.

18:36 5 hours ago

Panama Vs. Do not leave here to follow El Salvador live

With the latest information coming out of the Tegucigalpa National Stadium, we will share the opening rows for the Panama vs. El Salvador live in a few minutes. Do not miss any details of the match minute by minute and do it live online from VAVEL.

18:31 5 hours ago

Where and how to watch Panama Vs El Salvador online and live

18:26 5 hours ago

Panama vs. CONCACAF U-20 World Cup Day 3 What time does the El Salvador fight take place?

18:21 5 hours ago

Reports Panama

18:11 5 hours ago

The last line of Panama

M. Perez; R. Dello Valor, h. Ramos, O. Alpha, o. Valencia; K. Corrido, r. Vega, e. Sedeno, J .; Bettecon; R. Mosquera, c. Rivera.

18:06 5 hours ago

How is El Salvador coming?

Savior The match comes after defeating Aruba by four goals to zero, and in their first match they defeated Guatemala the same way in a landslide.

18:01 6 hours ago

How come Panama?

17:56 6 hours ago

The game takes place at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa

The Panama and El Salvador competition will take place at the Estadio National de Tegucigalpa, located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The building can accommodate 35,000 people.

17:51 6 hours ago

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

CONCACAF Panama Vs. Welcome to the live broadcast of the El Salvador competition. The meeting will take place at 7.30pm at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa.