December 7, 2022

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Colombians Abroad: Colombia Maria Gomez Mullet Died In The United States – Other Cities – Colombia

Pointon Coast Guard (Florida, USA) Last Sad News: They found the Colombian Maria Estella Gomez Mullet dead, Was reported missing 15 days ago.

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The woman is a 45-year-old bacteriologist from the city of Korosal (Sucre). He had two children, and a few years ago he moved to the United States, where he worked as a caregiver for an adult.

The latter was the mother of Roberto Colon, Gomez Mullet, who, according to his cousins’ versions, was married to formalize immigration status in that country.

“Today we can confirm the discovery of human remains (…) We are conducting a forensic investigation to determine the identity of that person” was the initial information from the police department at 7:39 pm on Friday, March 5th.

A few hours later, at 2:07 a.m. this Saturday, authorities announced it They arrested Roberto Colon and charged him with premeditated murder In the first degree of death of a Colombian woman, her body was buried in the yard of the man’s house.

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Columbus declined to say his whereabouts

In an interview with a local media outlet a few days ago, Golan stated that he did not know the whereabouts of Maria Estella and that she could not harm her partner.

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The Pointon Coast Guard regretted what happened to Syria and sent messages of condolence to his family and loved ones, who have yet to comment on the tragedy.


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