September 28, 2022

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Colombia vs. Paraguay (1-1): Summary, competition and goals in Asuncion to qualify for Qatar 2022 | Colombia

Colombia Tied against 1-1 Paraguay At 6 p.m. Qatar Qualification 2022. In a match where Reynolds Ruda’s team was close to second place, there were goals from Sanabria (Paraguay) and Quadrato (Colombia), but this adds up to his second point on three dates.

A fierce rivalry with Colombia provided a different sequence to this fight with Ruda. Two fast men like Cisterra and Quadrato were the ones who put the most effort into seeking Paraguay defense.

Paraguay was in trouble in the game and fighting and fighting in that area against the Colombian defenders, after all, it was Devinson Sanchez who made the most mistakes and actually compromised on goal. Mark Romero on the left, the first to score was Sanabria.

Colombia were embarrassed by Currani’s strong play, he had problems with Barrios and was almost eliminated in the fight with Romero, which ended with VAR intervention and a yellow card for both. Thus ended the first part for both teams.

Already in the second half, Colombia found the advantage at the hands of Aldrit, who had VAR intervention and the referee declared it a penalty. The person responsible for the execution was Juan Guillermo Quadrato, who scored the final tie of the match.

Reynolds Ruda renewed Colombia’s attack, entering Falcao and Roger Martinez Bore and Borja, who gave the wings and a little more agility in attack. Silva, one of the key figures in the match, played diligently by opening the tricolor and avoiding goals on his curve.

Paraguay saw him start quickly from their territory and look forward to them, but did not clearly define the options they had. Already in the last minutes, Thias entered the field and created danger on the left, but was not clear in his centers throughout the last part.

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Colombia collapsed in the attack and Paraguay ended the match defensively with its men. The tricolor was looking for him, but in the end he was unable to increase the score, and he ended up with a point that would keep the accounts stuck even if he continued to add in qualifications.

Colombia vs. Paraguay: Minute by minute

Colombia vs. Paraguay: Match tables and channels

  • Peru: 17:00 / Movistar Game
  • Colombia: 17:00 / Caracol TV
  • Ecuador: 17:00 / Soccer Channel
  • Argentina: 19:00 / DIC Game
  • Chile: 18:00 / TNT game
  • Paraguay: 19:00 / Diego game
  • Venezuela: 18:00 / DLT
  • Bolivia: 18:00 / Diego Game
  • USA: 17:00 / Fubo Game
Luis Diaz An exceptional 2021 Copa America: He scored four goals in five games. (Photo: Agencies)

In fact, criticism of some local media for Perizo comes from afar, questioning the lack of direction and the lack of assembly between soldiers and tactical movements.

Against Colombia, at the Defensours del Sago Stadium, Paraguay will go without one of its defensive pillars, Jr. Alonso, recorded in Quito, and Alberto Espenola, injured five minutes into that match.

Moscow Cicero, senior Guarani defender, was called in to replace Espanola, and Gustavo Gomez was appointed to replace Alonso.

In the front row, Alejandro Romero and Jorge Morel followed the pair formed by Periso, Angel Romero and Antonio Sanapria, who promised the game would be resolved in the Colombian area.

For their part, the Reynolds Ruda-led side are shocked after losing a point in La Paz, where they overtook Roger Martinez’s goal.

Felix Torres (pictured) and Michael Estrada beat Ecuador 2-0, 9-0 in the qualifying round.  (Photo: Twitter La Tri)
Ecuador beat Paraguay 2-0 on the 9th to qualify with goals from Felix Torres (pictured) and Michael Estrada. (Photo: Twitter La Tri)

On the way out, with the question of whether Ruda will hire senior defender Oscar Murillo, one of the standout players against Bolivia.

Andres Andrade, who traveled to Asuncion despite muscle swelling as a result of the match against Andians, is skeptical.

Paraguay moved further out of the classification zone this Thursday with a loss to sixth-ranked Ecuador (2-0) with seven points.

Colombia are in fifth place with 9 points after the first match of this three-round South American qualifier for Qatar, following a 1-1 draw in La Paz against Bolivia this week.

Colombia vs. Paraguay: Qatar 2022 Qualifying Tournament

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