December 7, 2022

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Closing the dollar today is July 23, 2021 in Mexico; Transfer rate

Al Completion from today, July 23, 2021, Is the US dollar 20.0610 pesos, According to the information Bank of Mexico (Pancio). This represents a 0.33 percent decline against the peso.

This represents a small recovery for the Mexican peso yesterday, with the dollar closing at 1280 pesos yesterday. The weight has gained its second day after a few restorative sessions.

Photo: Unsplash.

Today, July 23, 2021, the dollar has a purchase price of 20.5030 pesos at the end, while the sale ends at 20.0760 pesos.

In addition, there are changes in the maximum and minimum price of the dollar for sale at banking institutions:

  • Maximum selling price: 20.0760 pesos per unit.
  • Minimum selling price: 19,9,950 pesos per unit.

This improvement in the Mexican peso against the dollar may be due to the recent data provided by the INEGI on inflation in our country. According to the system, the national price index was 5.75 percent.

In turn, Panixico raised its reference rate base by 25 points.

Transfer rate at major banks in Mexico

  • Bonorde buys at 19.05 pesos and sells at 20.45 pesos.
  • HSBC Mexico buys at 19.69 pesos and sells at 20.40 pesos.
  • BPVA Pancomer buys at 19.39 pesos and sells at 20.32 pesos.
  • Santander buys at 19.79 pesos and sells at 19.82 pesos.
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