November 28, 2022

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Clayton Kershaw with Dodgers ‘will always be in place’ says Andrew Friedman

Karlspot, California. – The Los Angeles Dodgers’ failure to qualify for Clayton Kershaw is not a sign that the team is ready to release him.

It seems the opposite.

“We have made it very clear that if Kershaw wants to come back, there will always be a place for him,” Andrew Friedman, head of Dodgers baseball operations, said Tuesday from the site of the General Managers’ Meeting.

The Dodgers on Sunday extended eligibility offers to shortstop Cory Caesar and utility Chris Taylor, a system that would provide draft pick compensation to teams if those players sign elsewhere. Players will have until mid-next week to decide whether to accept or reject the $ 18.4 million pay offer for the 2022 season. Kershaw, a three-time Cy Young Award winner, is considered the greatest player in Dodgers history.

Kershaw, 33, missed more than two months with elbow / forearm swelling that appeared around the All-Star gap. He returned in mid-September, but came out of the same trouble starting on October 1, and he was not available for the latter season. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said at the time that Kershaw’s ulnar ligament was structurally stable and did not require surgery from Tommy John, but fears that he would face a long-term injury still lingered.

“I know you want to spend some time with Ellen [su esposa] Find out what’s best for them, and most importantly, get them out of the health state and feel better, “Friedman said.” We have no reason to believe it will not happen. But in your mind, you want to get to that point where it feels good from the health point of view, go from there. This [la oferta de calificación] It would have hastened the timeline that he was not ready, and I think our respect for him and what he has done for this organization is that kind of watch that we wanted to do and did not want to put him on. When he’s not ready for it. “

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The Dodgers last weekend agreed a one-year $ 8.5 million contract with another left-handed opener Andrew Heaney, who is currently enlisted in the 2022 rotation led by Walker Beuler and Julio Urias. Tony Gonzalez and David Price may be part of the mix, but the Dodgers will be eager to bring Max Scherzer back and may be in line for other big names on the free agency. Trevor Boyer, who is on criminal charges for sexual harassment, is not expected to return to the team, regardless of the length of his Major League Baseball suspension, although the Dodgers have not publicly commented on the matter.

Friedman expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s growing young players at small league levels, and said his goal in completing the 2022 cycle was “to close the short term, not to block pitching places in search of opportunities”.

Kershaw, who may like a short-term contract, fits right in with that strategy and wants to continue pitching if he is healthy.

“We very clearly want Kersh to come back,” Friedman said. “Looking back, not only did he mean what he meant to us, we think he’s meant what we look forward to. Like all free agents, Kersh has a little more, the right to be in it. .

Professionally, I hope he is back, personally I want them to do what is most appropriate for their family and we will find out what that means.

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