September 30, 2022

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Classical Mottoqua-Olympia – Arbitration Commission points out mistakes made by Armando Castro in Dice

The arbitral tribunal came out after what happened at the capital summit between Motagua and Olympia, where a number of steps were taken to analyze and explain Armando Castro’s mistakes and successes.

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Since there are three members of the commission: Oscar Velasquez, Benigno Pineda and Vivian Rodriguez, they were responsible for evaluating every action they deemed to have performed well and badly.

* Of the three penalties allowed, one was in favor of Olympia and two for Mottagua, both of which were well sanctioned.

* The dismissal of Elvin Casildo for irresponsible misconduct against Ivy’s “Sino” Lopez was done right.

* DP Florus was sent off for a double warning, well marked by two mistakes he made in the game.

Errors made by Armando Castro

In the view of the Arbitration Commission, the arbitrator made two specific errors in this determination, the other being attributed to his assistant, Jesus Deborah.

* Edwin Rodriguez should not have been marked with a second yellow, there was nothing irresponsible as described in the refereeing report, and the center had a bad view of the move.

* The second error is an unmarked penalty where the Motoccan player (Gonzalo Klusner) touches the ball with his hands when it falls to the ground.

* A third error is credited to the assistant, who was ahead of Michael Sirinos, where Olympia scored 1-1 against Molijua.

* Another move they consider to be a failure is that Point Pedro Troclio left his technical area and was not expelled for entering the field.

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