Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Extends Stories Of The Elements In Victoria

Cirque Du Soleil - DralionCirque Du Soleil – Dralion

Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre

June 22, 2011

Victoria, BC

Photos: Jen Warnock

Cirque Du Soleil, Dralion is a veritable buffet of multicultural delights for the senses. Dralion is the story of a common thread that transcends social and cultural boundaries. It is the story of how we are one with our world. We are the elements. Dralion puts them in to human form. Air, earth, water, fire each were represented in a different cultural influence on traditional Chinese acrobatics. A Dralion is a fictitious animal blended of a dragon and a lion. It symbolizes East (dragon) and West (lion) coming together and is the essence of the mélange of cultural style in the performance. African dance and costume were beautifully represented in the element of earth. Rhythm is also a common thread. We carry the same rhythm in all cultures. It is our heartbeat, the spark that drives us all. That connective force was seen in several ways.  Fire (Yao) commanded the rhythm of the show. Modern and traditional dance styles blended with classic and fusion flavoured music to create a spectacle that kept the audience guessing.
L’Åme Force sings the vocal accompaniment to the visual performance in a made up language; a language which only Cirque Du Soleil has the key to. Although the words are foreign, the message is clear and the song of the elements is golden. Hoop diving, Aerial Pas de Deux, Trampoline and an amazing Aerial Hoop are just a few of the acts you will see at this show. But what circus would be complete with out a clown act. Good old slapstick and some campy French Canadian antics were poured all over Dralion like a pot of warm maple syrup. Cirque Du Soleil does of course have its roots in Montreal. With the charming welcoming spirit of a stooge these three clowns brought the human element to counter balance the entire spectacle. In our own bumbling ways we sometimes humorously trample through life. Cirque Du Soleil - DralionThe sidesplitting roars of laughter from the audience were also a good parody of the Dralion’s roar.
The end of the show saw a standing ovation from the crowd on opening night of the tour in Victoria BC at Save on Foods Memorial Arena. Dralion plays at the Save On Foods Memorial Arena until June 26th 2011. Dralion travels to Pentiction BC June 29th before touring across Canada and the US. The tour concludes in Montreal on December 30th. Stunning visuals, breathtaking music and sound, a flawless performance as to be expected from Cirque Du Soleil. Definitely a night to remember and a show not to be missed.

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