September 29, 2022

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Cicardo points out the preliminary list of the Mexican national team, but will not go to the Gold Cup with Martino

Everything indicates that Javier ‘Ciccarito’ Hernandez will be one of the 60 players in the starting list for the Gold Cup, but differences with Tata Martino will push him out of the tournament

This Monday, the Mexican team It will provide Congolese with an initial list of 60 players Gold Cup And, due to the number of places available, Aya Martino It covers most of the elements considered during its operation, and indicates that it appears Javier ‘Ciccarito’ Hernandez.

Is to withdraw most of the players on the list Javier ‘Ciccarito’ Hernandez, Although it does not mean that he will be part of the team that will compete in the national team, because the Galaxy forward ‘Tata’ Martino will not be taken into account for the next edition of the tournament organized by Concacaf for every two. Years, derived from a survey conducted ESPN Digital In the context of SMexican choice.

Despite the words of Jon de Louisa, president of the Mexican Football Federation ESPN A few days ago, he assured El Tri that its players would not use veto, Javier Hernandez Not well viewed Gerardo Martino FEMEXFUT fired one of its employees due to Hernandez because he was immoral with his colleagues in New York.

Since then, Javier Hernandez, This was not considered by Tata Martino.

The list will contain regular names Hector Herrera, Andres Cordado, Edson Alvarez, Naster Arazo, Carlos Salceto and Harving Lozano, ‘Tata’ in many of Martino’s concentrations that did not fail.

The idea is that Mexican team Report to CAR on the 22nd of this month Gold Cup, First the national coach and his coaching staff will have to do this, to start preparations for it Gold Cup.

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After the aforementioned matches, it should not be forgotten that the octagonal elimination of Concoff will come to Qatar 2022.