January 25, 2022

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Chuckie Lozano is one of nine Mexican casualties on a US tour

Players like Jonathan Orosco, Alan Pulito and Carlos Rodriguez are in the spotlight.

Harving El Chuckie Lozano was one of nine casualties suffered by the Mexican national team during the US tour., Which ends with a friendly match against Honduras, after losing in the Nations League final.

In recent days, the Mexican national team has been allowed to return to their squads due to illnesses of Carlos Chalcedo, Caesar Montez, Jonathan dos Santos and Rodolfo Pizarro. Also Eric Guitaros had to leave his place before the start of the Confederations Cup due to injury.

In addition to the four who were on leave, the coaching staff also released Harving El Chucki Lozano, Hector Herrera, Guillermo Ochoa and Andres Cordado, who are expected to strengthen the Olympic team or move on to the Gold Cup next month.

Hector Herrera and Guillermo Ochoa were spotted at Mexico City airport, so they no longer traveled with the triangle for the game against Honduras.

The coach will use the losses of the coach of the Mexican national team to give a chance to the youngsters who had little activity in the games against Iceland and in the Nations League.

Hector Herrera, Guillermo Ochoa and Harving Chucky Lozano started two Nations League matches played by Tricler, while Andres Cardo entered the final against the United States as an alternative.

Players like Jonathan Orosco, Alan Pulito and Carlos Rodriguez are in concentration and they can play against the Honduran team.

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All in all, since the start of the US tour, Eric Gutierrez, Jonathan Dos Santos, Rodolfo Pizarro, Carlos Salceto, Caesar Montez, Harving Chuckie Lozano, Hector Herrera, Guillermo Ochoa and Andres Cardo have all died.